Two Visits This Weekend

UMass transfers Dejon Jarreau and Brison Gresham will visit Houston this weekend, per a source. Sit one, play three.

Jon Rothstein @JonRothstein 6 hours ago

I’d like to get these 2 but how are there scholarships free?

They’d have to be off scholarship next season.


Woah daddy.

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I am thinking this is really good news…

Given how highly rated they were in HS, this seems like good news.

Terrific news!

JUCO next year but no hoop, then UH.

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Jarreau was the 63rd rated player by ESPN last year. He’s a SG out of New Orleans. He averaged 9.8 PPG in about 24 minutes per game while shooting 45% last year for UMASS.

Gresham is a 6’9" 3 star PF out of New Orleans that is Jarreau’s best friend. He averaged 3.3 PPG in 12 minutes per game last year, but initially had a clearance issue that kept him from participating early (Think Bryan Jones and football who is also from Louisiana).

They both left UMASS as the head coach was fired after the season. Coogs didn’t really recruit them last year and I don’t believe they even offered either, but that may have been due to not having scholarships available more than anything (we only hadn’t one to give and it went to Armoni Brooks).

We only have one more scholarship to give for next season now after these two.

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How do you post Twitter like that – full link?

Copy and paste the link. Twitter has a drop down menu on each post. Difficult to see but it should be an arrow pointing down.

Look for “share tweet via…”

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Mmmm…this is interesting

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The Jarreau kid is big time. Gresham should be a solid big. They’re both from NOLA.

I’m not convinced CKS will only sign 1 other player in November. The staff has been really busy recruiting for a while and some big time HS talent is seriously considering UH.


Agreed and I was wrong about only having one scholarship, forgot to count Zanna as one of the seniors. They’ll have 2 scholarships to give and then there’s always the possibility of transfers.