Two Womp Womp Questions

  1. Is there an actual name to that music? Like if I was going to buy sheet music or an album of it, what would I ask for?

  2. How much money do you think UH could raise if we all chipped in, just to hear Dr. Kahtor sing the alternate lyrics.

Juvenile - 400 Degreez

That’s crazy…how subtle.

Looks like Cardiac already did the research.

Basically Paul Wall and the entire H need to jump on that Juvenile track and do a song with the stadium chanting WOMP WOMP as the hook. It’s too easy.

Shoot maybe I’ll just do it myself.

It’s also worth noting that, while UH band picked it up from 400 Degreez, Mannie Fresh (who produced 400 Degreez) borrowed that riff when he made the Juvenile song. It’s an old horn riff that’s been around New Orleans for a long time. Original origin unknown.

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It’s always had a Beverly Hills Cop theme song feel to me.

First part of Womp Womp is the tuba. The first part of the BHC is the “bass” line beat.

Then the Womp Womp horns are like the BHC higher pitched synth.

Obviously, the songs are different. For one, Womp Womp is slower. But the structure is similar.

Compare BHC to this HipHop Synth version of Womp Womp for more of an apples to apples comparison:

You guys would actually be surprised how many songs we actually started though. One of the most famous directors, bill moffit, is credited with the creation of eat em up, the horse, and a few other classics. Which if y’all know those two are some of the most popular marching band tunes in all of marching band history. He was also responsible for inventing the marching style “patterns of motion” which we pay tribute to when we do the “spin the H” portion of pregame. That style revolutionalized the way marching bands marched. We have a very rich band history along with our football.


Thanks for sharing the article here! Apparently UH picked up the song after some HBCUs flipped the Juvenile song first. Naturally we put our own spin on it, so the similarities are very subtle.

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