TX AD Confirms: Longhorn Network ends when UT makes the move to SEC

I tell you what…. That Del Conte is on top of things !!

Duh !

I still think ESPN pays ut’s exit fee as part of the LHN deal.

It was ALWAYS ESPN’s way of paying UT an unequal share to stay in the Big 12.

Well…they will soon no longer be in the Big12 so no need for the fake TV channel

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Of course that’s what he is going to say. Three years after they settle in, watch them change their tune and resurrect it with Amazon or Apple or another streaming service. Don’t forget this UT.

UT is UT, but the SEC isn’t the Big 12.

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“The History Channel” - greatest flub of all time!

UT loses some of it’s luster because the Big 12’s history is no longer there and not playing more than one Texas school conference foe a year is not quite the same.

Good lucking playing Ole Miss, Miss St, Vanderbilt or Missouri instead of Baylor, TCU, Tech or UH for that matter!


But in fairness, their three biggest rivals, probably of all time are now on their schedule with Agy, OU, along with Arky…


You may be right Butch, but to fans like us from Texas those games don’t mean sh*t unless you’re a Arky, OU or Agy alumni!

Actually no games mean anything to me anymore except the ones UH is playing…


I mean I guess… If they had any luster left. I mean picking the weakest SEC teams vs Tech, Us, Baylor, etc. It’s kind of cherry picking isn’t it? I don’t think their fan interest is going to be hurting or dropping for any y opponent issues. Now because they’ll be suffering from being a mediocre/bad team you will see a drop off. But the SEC is a giant step up in regards to casual fan interest.

If they play A&M every season, schedule OU in OOC and play at least a couple of the named schools like Bama, LSU or Georgia their schedule will be just fine.
There is certainly a path through an sec schedule that wouldn’t look all that sexy.

I think their fans will be estatic every year to play Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Georgia, LSU & Oklahoma instead of Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, & West Virginia.

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They will be elated to go 7 and 4 after playing a cream puff non conf and going 3 and 5 or so in conf.

Then like a$m being upset at 8 and 4 with cream puffs on schedule to pad it.

Then they saying will be , your in the sec but your an also ran. Then they spend millions firing and hiring coaches.

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It could happen to us at 8 and 4 with great bowls to go vs now and we can handle it better.

Truer words have never been spoken… Go Coogs!

Isn’t it interesting that a program so middlin in results-to-investment is constantly shuffling out and telling us this or that and giving us updates.

Its like dystopian sports nightmare. “Attention Citizens, The Great Orange One assures the populace that there is an organized plan for everything! Carry on and kneel to the Orange!”

I’ve watched a total of 30 seconds of the LHN and I usually zip by it on the remote like “Bollywood Hits” and “Sky News Quebec.”

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Agree, but it really pisses me off that I probably pay 30 cents per month because it is in the cable pkg !!

Interesting to see if a BIG12 network will be re-created. The historical contents is there for all new members including…