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All - Reminder to call the Texas State ticket office or go on line at 9:00 in the morning August 16. I talked with the Asst AD in charge of ticket sales last week and he thinks there will not be a problem in getting tickets. But do not wait too long.

Also, we can buy better seat location from Texas State direct than what was sent to our ticket office. FYI - Section 221 is on the 50 yard line visitor side and they are $40 each. The lower bowl might be too low if not in back half of the rows.

Im picking probably 2 tomorrow. Im ready for it!

In for 4… plenty of good seats left. Let’s pack their house!!!

just bought 2 tiks …aisle 121, row 19 away from aisle 120 being those TX ST student section. Being we are in our 50’s don’t want to much interaction w/students if possible. Will say Bryan was very pleasant to deal with, of course we got in conversation and he went to NC ST…yep he brought it up…very nice about it. His Parents my age and were @ NCST during early 80’s. Good exp with their Tik office!

I purchased 20 for my tail gate group in section 221 - 8 in row 1 and 6 each in rows 2 and 3. I dealt with Matt in their ticket office and he was very courteous and a pleasure to work with. When I told him I wanted 20 in section 221 he suggested to “stack” them 8, 6 and 6. I am also glad to hear Coog fans getting through to their ticket office.

fwiw, he said our Band will be in sec 123.
Prob should be new topic but wife/I looking to hook up with some strong Coog fans for tailgating at gms. We are actually both SHSU grads but I’m been long time Coog backer since early 70’s as teenager my older brother would take me…Danny Davis etc. Here in last 7-8 yrs just bought 3 gm pack, because we go to couple Sam Hou St gms also. But this yr we went with UH full season pkg. Anyway its usually just us solo at gms , in our early to mid 50’s if any grp willing to meet 2 very strong Coog supporters. I’m the one like CTH says why wouldn’t you come to our gms…native Houstonian…Coog supporter. Btw excellent forum stays real for most part!

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Chester07 - Our tail gate group is in the green lot as far from Cullen as possible along the wall / kind of in front of the entrance to the Architecture College. If we get there early enough we grab a spot under the trees just out side the wall. We try to get about halfway from the Architecture College and the street that borders the green lot North side. Drop by before the Lamar game as we will do a small pre game and probably another post game. We have good mixture of ages from late 20’s through early 60’s.

Coog74, I appreciate it very much. last yr went to our 3 gm pk & also then bought tiks for Navy & Temple gms, it was always us solo, so I thought I would ask. I’m not loud by any means so my wife will be proud that I asked on here to join grp(s). I can talk Coog history with best of them. Btw I’m @jreysports if u do twitter. They assigned me name Tom Green on here…hehe.

Has anybody heard how U of H ticket sales are going once Texas State released tickets yesterday August 16?

picked up 4 yesterday, lots left.

PIcked some up on tuesday, 122. Excited!

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