TxSt is about to be looking for a new HC (updated Spav is not leaving)

Seems KK has made an offer to the Spavs. They will likely take it and jump to the NFL.

Wonder if Gibbs goes back to the NFL too.

That sucks for TXST. Gibs was positional in the NFL, not a coordinator, right? Does he get the bump?

So Major to TX St?! This off season is already full crazy, why not some more

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I would not bring in Major over Stitt. Call me crazy. Rather be entertaining and innovative and lose than just plain out boring and lose too.

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This has to be one of the more exciting offseasons in recent history.


My kids are TxSt kids (long story…opted not to go to UH).

TXSt fans had/have hope with Spav. The AD and University Pres are awful in the eyes of TXSt fans. Many have cited what UH has done and the success it has had, while TXSt has built new facilities is the 4th largest school in the state but just wallows in mediocrity.

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They are definitely a sleeping giant if only they could get the right administration in place.

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It’s a beautiful campus 2:1 ratio girls to guys.

They are in the heart of Texas, they could thrive with the UTR kids. But they need a president and AD with a vision. We are so lucky.

Apparently we are trying to get space also

Maybe they can resurrect Wacker?

Keff Ciardello

Control was a big reason Spav came here. Might be the thing that keeps him here too. Hard to turn down an [#NFL] opportunity (and money) though. I did hear that none of the coaches wore [#TXST] gear at the AFCA convention this week. Take that for what it’s worth.

Watched Kliff’s press conference. He said he wanted an OC with NFL experience to balance his NCAA experience so that’s not Spav.

Maybe…add this too now

Albert Breer


Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury: “I will be calling the plays.”

The beat writer for txst has been on the money regarding spav

These coaches changing their minds about their new job commitments reminds me of committed players flipping to a different school.


TXSt fans are already talking about Bob Stitt as the next HC if Spav leaves.

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Too close to UT, won’t happen with Texas looking over their shoulders…

Spav isn’t leaving.



When is Tubberville taking over the Cowboys?

I would not have expected a coach to walk away from a head coaching gig at Texas State (or any FBS gig they just took) to be an NFL coordinator. It’s happened, but when it does (like Monken) I expect them not to coach at the college level again, or at least for a long time.