U of H / UTSA Tickets

Fellow COOGFANS “FYI.” UTSA ticket office started to sell single game tickets today for our game September 3. The last time we played there I purchased tickets through U of H and we were third row lower level in the corner of the end zone. Could hardly see anything. At the time I thought buying through U of H helped, but no, regular season away games are not like bowl games. I picked up 8 tickets for our group today through UTSA ticket office speaking with a live person. Lower level, section 134 @ $70 each. Appears to be near 50 - yard line seats, COOGS side of the field. Their ticket office is 210-458-8872. You might get a recording, but you can leave a message. I did that two weeks ago and a representative returned my call with his direct contact information, and he sent me a seating chart. If you buy 10 or more tickets, there is a small discount for “group” seating.


Thanks for letting us know!


Any idea if the UH section this game is different?

CoogR - The seating chart that I received from UTSA does not show the visitors section(s). Based on my experiences the visitors section(s) are typically not good seats. Now if you want to be sure to sit with fellow COOGS, buy through our ticket office. If you want very good sight lines, buy through UTSA.

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Why can’t all non-P5 road game be like Rice. Sit anywhere we want. Only negative is I’m still getting calls from Rice athletic dept for football tickets. At least they’re trying. LOL


Lol. Texas state for me. I bought their season tickets to get the UH ticket.


Yeah when i got UTSA they sat us in the very top. Didn’t care back then as a student but now I do

Rice still calls me also that heat was bad that day. But i mean when isn’t it

Only one who hasn’t contacted me is North Texas but i thinki bought those with UH

Same. For 3 yrs they would call me for season tiks bc I had purchased the UH gm in 2016 through them.

Edit: finally had them take me off their call list. Pretty sure that was D’Eriq King breakout gm if i recall. Shoot it was like 50-0 at Half. Carnage


Baylor still emails me after they backed out like Nebraska.

Did u get ur refund for the tickets yet?

Here is the 3d viewer of the seats


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I just bought a 1st row ticket on the visitor side right on the 33 yard line. I will be wearing my armor for the game!


I just called UTSA ticket office. They told me sections 138 and 139 are the visitors sections.

Also that only the first 2 levels are open at this time.



Called the UTSA ticket office and they said only season tickets holders can buy parking passes, but as long as you get there early you can park in lot D across the highway for 20 bucks


If you u are staying or partying downtown pre-game, there is a walkway from the Convention Center to the dome. Getting out of Alamodome parking lots is the worse. Maybe consider the garages or lots downtown proper near the Tower of Americas, Convention Center, Rivercenter Mall.

Went ahead and bought 11 tickets for our group through UH.


I like having good seats but I like sitting with my UH fans even more


Thanks for the heads-up on tickets y’all. Looks like my wife and I will be attending our first away game ( and playing some DiscGolf that weekend)


Does anyone know what time the game starts?