UC regents to discuss UCLA's Big Ten move, agenda cites 'litigation'

Here come the suits…

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I just don’t see any way well connected politicians are just going to sit by and let their schools get left behind without a big fight going down

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So, UCLA and Berkeley are both losing money. UCLA can go make some money. The BOR for the UC System (shared by all 10 UC schools) decides both programs should remain poor. Nobody complained about UC-Santa Barbara and 7 others not being in the PAC, but now UCLA is a menace of some sort?

This would be idiotic.

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What could end up happening is UCLA, can’t go due to political reasons which opens the door for Stanford, UW or UO worst case scenario

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Doesn’t make any sense to take 2 schools in the exact same market…but…whatever causes PAC to infight creates stability and strength for B12, which is all I care about…let the games begin


California politicians don’t swing much weight in the B1G, USC is private and they have no say over the Trojans.

They’re gonna get so mad at UCLA they’re going to shut my prediction: down UC-Davis’s football program to protest the current state of college athletics. Then they’re going to let UCLA go because they have no choice

This will be interesting if BOR puts their foot down. I have no insight as to which way they
will fall. If they do disallow UCLA, O and W may face like legislative pressure from their
state government as hurting their in state little brothers. And I’m doubtful B1G will take
Stanford as a substitute, but could be wrong about this as well.

This is such a twisted soap opera at this point is Vegas offering any bets on how this whole
realignment misalignment will play out ?

It can be easily solved by UCLA transferring X amount of dollars to Cal. It won’t play well at UCLA, but neither will being stopped from moving to the B1G. I’m thinking that’s how it gets done.

the reason they are mentioning litigation is not because they are going to sue, it to get around having public meetings. Regent meetings are announced, scheduled, and public (in minnesota, they can’t even go hang out together at another for a BBQ or go to the bar to get a beer together without announcing it to the press). Meetings regarding pending or current litigation are private.


Even more interesting (fun) is you will have The State of California (the UCBOR) suing The State of California (UCLA) in California state courts. The tax payers of California will be paying for both sets of lawyers, the total cost of the courts for the suit, and they will have to pay any settlement or judgement. The only losers are the taxpayers.

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Actually it makes perfect sense in this case. Two LA schools, reduces travel costs, fan and alumni bases that do not overlap. Expansion often happens in pairs.

When baseball expanded to the West Coast in 1959, the Dodgers and Giants went together. Then the Angels were formed in 1961 and the A’s moved to Oakland in 1968. San Diego came along 8 years later. So within 18 years, MLB went from 0 teams to 5 teams in CA.

This is why USC and UCLA makes more sense than say, USC and Oregon.

Finally I would not put too much stock in the BOR or State doing anything about the pending UCLA move. Everyone in CA knows that UCLA is the workhorse of the UC system. UC-Berkley gets a lot of pub due to its proximity to Silicon Valley, but as of this juncture, UCLA is actually a higher rate school than UC-Berkley. Mind you UC-Berkley is still a great school, but UCLA is better.

If CA really wanted to do something about its sports situation, it would find away to fix its demographic problem. Fact is, CA is losing its middle class, especially its AA middle class, to neighboring states. Why in the well heck would an AA kid from LA want to go play ball at UC-Berkley or UCLA? These schools have like 2 AA people. No one likes to be one of a handful. An AA student athlete would probably feel more at home playing at OSU, Bama, UGA, LSU or UH than UCLA. I mean, Oregon and USC have more AA students than UCLA!

This more than anything explains UC-Berkley and UCLA’s issues in sports.

UCLA’s biggest issue is the Rose Bowl is an hour + away from campus on game days and students have to pay to ride a shuttle.

Cal’s student section dwarfs UCLA’s. On campus stadiums matter.

So you think that the stadium where players play, rather than the players themselves, is the biggest issue for UCLA and Cal football? :thinking:

Umm okay.

UCLA has 31k undergraduates and 5% are AA. California is about 7% AA (which actually surprised me it’s this low) . So 1,500+ students is a little more than 2. Berkeley has smaller undergraduate class and lists AA as making up 4% of undergrads.City of LA itself is about 8.7% AA . I can see a kid wanting to stay home to play in front of family and friends.

Fact is, CA is losing its middle class, especially its AA middle class, to neighboring states.

Interesting; was not aware of this. How long has this been trending ?

California is just 20 years ahead of Texas. We are getting close to the point where we do not want more growth because of the stress on the local infrastructure and resources.

We are already seeing this evident in our grid failure and drainage patterns.

Soon, we will be celebrating minimal population moving out and those that stay in Texas will gladly pay a little higher tax rate to improve our infrastructure. A consequence of this is that it filters out the low middle class.

In fact, Texans are already paying higher tax rates. Our tax system is largely based in property taxes. Has your home value increased, or decreased, over the last decade?

Those who don’t contribute and want to leave…Bye Felicia.

California is there already…Texas is “on deck”.


Not sure about your stats.

Here is what the student body makeup for UCLA was as of May 2022

and For Cal:

Per these sources, both Cal and UCLA’s student body is only 2 percent AA.

Granted, as you stated, CA is only 6.2 percent AA, but that is down from about 7.4 percent in 1990. That number has been drifting downward for sometime, as many AA’s have moved back south to GA, TX, NC and other states in the South. Many White and Latino CA’s have also relocated, mainly to CO, AZ, TX and ID. In most cases, the main driver for the relocations is the cost of housing. As a result, many businesses have also relocated in order to obtain workers. From my own personal experience, I have had several opportunities to relocate to CA (as well as WA), but the cost of housing is so prohibitive that even with a raise it would not make sense. If I as a lawyer have experienced this, I can only imagine what a nurse, clerk, letter carrier, mechanic or other blue or grey collar worker must be experiencing.

Here is a Wikipedia entry on the California Exodus.

Per UCLA stats :


Student Diversity by Ethnicity

Ethnicity among undergraduate and graduate students|Ethnicity|Undergraduate|Graduate|
| — | — | — |
|African American|5%|

Student Diversity by Ethnicity

Ethnicity among undergraduate and graduate students|Ethnicity|Undergraduate|Graduate|
| — | — | — |
|African American|5%|6%|
|American Indian & Alaska Native|<1%|<1%|
|Asian & Pacific Islander|33%|22%|
|Other Domestic or Unknown|4%|5%|

Hmm? Then there is some disconnect.

This is the information provided to the US Department of Education.

Me thinks UCLA and Cal are playing games to inflate numbers.