UC Satellite replacement

2 stories, 41,000 square feet. Students in 2019 and 2021 were surveyed about restaurants to put in and Mediterranean, Tacos, Burgers and Asian Fusion were the most popular choices.

Old timers, I’m sure y’all are always amazed at UH’s evolution over the years.


Sounds amazing!

I was there for the transition from the original Student Center to the new one, which was fantastic for its time.

The Campus has evolved into a great place.

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I swear to you the last time I ate at the UC my biggest concern was if the cafe had any tuna left for sandwiches. I wish I hadn’t been away so long.

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When ready I hope it is open and promoted on game days.


If you haven’t done so in awhile take a look at the skelton
that’s left of the UC (SC) Satellite .


Great idea. You should pitch this idea.

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I wonder if the 41,000 sq ft HUB may be a bit small. The UC Satellite was 35,000 sq ft.
Not much of a gain.

The University Center (UC) Satellite was built in the early 70s as a modern, underground student union building. The entryway is through a basement-level courtyard. Typical areas in the 35,000-square-foot UC Satellite include a game room, food court, TV rooms, study areas and some student organizations.


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You betcha !
Go Coogs !

Another very exciting addition to the Campus that will be much more visible to people walking through the campus. This will turn this area of campus into the most populous area.

One thing I wish is we encourage all our eateries on/off campus to stay open around big events on the weekends like football games and graduations.