UCF Baseball Scandal

You guys see this?

Wonder if Love keeps his job and wonder if there will be any fallout/sanctions to the program as it enters Big12?

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Is that why the QB is hitting .302 ? A defense specialist at Ole Miss.

Heads may roll now but B12 baseball in Florida is going to be a big deal.
The Northern B12 will plan vacations @ UCF series.


The body language shown and bs coming out of UCF HC’s mouth was hilarious.

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Agreed. I’m no body language expert, but I’d bet the farm he was lying. His responses were laughable and his body language said it all. I can’t fathom him being the coach again next season once an investigation wraps.

I remember the good ol days of wearing out one side of the bat to flatten it out for more bat on ball contact and hoping the umps didn’t do a pregame bat check.

Lmao that interview is funny. Don’t like when ex players do this though. If the player had so much of s problem with it he should of said something then.

The LAST thing you want to do is LOOK guilty while NOT answering questions. This guy is talking like he may get an NCAA colonoscopy very shortly.

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