UCF investigation: Former chairman out; lawmaker calls 'shutdown' comment 'hyperbole'

Uh oh…UCF got their hand caught in the cookie jar

State lawmakers have been looking into UCF’s misappropriation of funds since the legislative session began.

WESH 2 News first reported last September, UCF leaders admitted state funds that were not supposed to be used for construction were in fact used to build a new classroom hall. In all about $38 million were misspent.

Although the charges are serious, I wonder if UF and/or FSU are behind the investigation.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if they were. They remind of the Florida version of UT and TAMU.

Tough to say. Looks like the State Auditors office found it after reviewing the project and passed it to the UCF Board.


Looks like the president is resigning over this.

The university’s Board of Trustees will consider on Thursday whether to accept the resignation of Dale Whittaker, who ascended from provost to president just eight months ago. Whittaker and the university have been in state lawmakers’ cross hairs since August, when an audit found that Central Florida had misappropriated $38 million of restricted taxpayer money for the construction of a new building.

For the last two decades, the story of the University of Central Florida has been about more students and more buildings. Under John C. Hitt, who preceded Whittaker and led the university for more than a quarter century, Central Florida transformed from a midsize commuter campus into a behemoth public research university of 66,000 students.

Well, at least it was for academic purposes. If they’d used the money to build the Bounce House or some athletic thing I’d think they’d be in more trouble. I think they’ll slide. Reprimanded I’m sure but they’ll be ok.