UCF Ticket Count

@TheMandell asks, and he receives

Single Ticket Available Count: 2,476

Everything in the 100s and 200s are singles. I expect to see around 500±1K+ more added and would guess we’re probably over 3K+ remaining for this game. There aren’t any plans to combine this with the Tulane game on the ticket site as of yet (3 game pack and Oktoberfest pack are still up):

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Thanks and awesome job!

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I can’t make it to this game, but have already given my tickets to someone I know will use them.

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This was my first chance to use my section 332 sears. They are quite good. Close to band, good crowd and fans are involved.

This should help with attendance to go along with the number retirement:

Single Game Tickets Available: 2,283

Down about 200 tickets since Sunday. We’re in pretty good shape and hopefully the number retirement will get this game sold out.

Really wish I could be there for this one, but I have made sure my seats will be filled.

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This is going to be my mom’s first UH game. (She went to A&M)

Very excited to see the UCF freshman QB from Hawaii. Dual threat QB’s are always exciting to watch.

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Jersey #7 retirement too, right?

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Competing with 3800 on Stub Hub.

Single Game Tickets Available: 2,149

Not bad, down about 140 since the last update. Could be worse.

Single Game Tickets Available: 2,114

Sold 35 tickets today

Hope UH continues to sell tickets, but make no mistake…there will be volumes of empty seats.

Go Coogs! Almost won suite tickets at a raffle yesterday. How about this…an Aggie won the tickets…:expressionless: i say almost because there was 5 entries in the raffle and I had 2 of the entries…:cry:

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Sucks you didn’t win them but hopefully the Aggies tickets get used, that’s the important thing.

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How much did the raffle tickets cost?


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The small12 told us to @#$#off. The best answer is to have a full stadium with banners demanding a P5 invite. Along with a full stadium our Team will roar back and take down UCF.

Single Game Tickets Available: 2046
Sold 68 tickets today

Judging by the Tulsa game, we’re probably going to be somewhere in the range of 38K-39K tickets sold. I would imagine the Tulane game will be somewhere in the same range and then the Louisville game should be the biggest crowd we’ve ever had at TDECU from a ticket sales standpoint.

Single Game Tickets Available: 1976
Sold about 70 more today.