UCF vs Coogs Weekly Score Prediction Contest

I dont get the Tune hate from some posters on here…I think he’s a gamer and has a bunch of talent…he’s definitely progressed from where he was last year.


True. He still has ways to go, tho.

As long as we have a bunch more than the bunch UCF has, I’ll be happy a whole bunch

Don’t we all?

Those are macro measurements, there are micro measurements also. They are a smidge, a pinch, a dollop, a good amount, and to taste. These are used in cooking .

One of my first jobs after high school was working for a land surveying crew. We were setting new property boundary markers for a piece of land being subdivided, and had the original plat and property description from ages ago. The length of the back property boundary line was described as “three drags on a cigarette while sitting on a horse at a steady trot”.

Gotta love ambiguous measurements :joy:


Coogs 37-31

Where does “more than you can shake a stick at” fit on the scale? More or less than a whole bunch?

That’s awesome! I’m a real estate attorney so I’ve seen some crazy descriptions, but nothing like that!

That sounds like a measurement from the Spanish colonial period.

Heading to The Cage, I’ll take any score posted by 12 Noon. Go Coogs !!!


Final Score UCF-44 UH-21

yragha UCF-51 UH-28 (14pt differential)
ButchP UCF-45 UH-35 (15pt differential)
UH2020 UCF-55 UH-41 (31pt differential)

yragha Gary Mac - donation to the tip jar in your honor…have a great week all Go Coogs !!!

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