UCF vs Coogs Weekly Score Prediction Contest

As I enjoy this site so much I’ve decided that whoever picks the correct score, or closest to it. I will make a donation to the CoogFans.com Tip Jar in their honor…I’ll start it this week

27-24 Coogs…tough game


34-27 Coogs win a nail biter. UCF has the ball late in the game and the defense forces a turnover and we win

52-31 UCF. Tune and the offense keep it close for a half, but the secondary makes UCF’s offense look like they’re running routes against air. A couple of drives stall out, and that’s enough to turn a respectable game into a butt-whipping.


45-42 Coogs. I don’t think either team’s secondary will be able to stop the other, but I do know our run defense is better than UCF’s. I think inability to run the ball will be a key factor in this one.

Also, if we hold UCF to under 30 points, I’ll eat every last non-glowing word I’ve said about our secondary this year. They will have truly turned a corner if that happens.


48-31 Coogs.

I also predict people will complain about the punt coverage and use it as exhibit A why Dana can’t coach.

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we didn’t play very well in the first quarter vs navy, or tulane or byu…
even with the slow starts we can score points…
ucf does not have the defense this year they had in the past.
we will slow the game down by running 60%.
our defense will force them into bad decisions.
assuming we get a little better start and a few less penalties this week and one turnover
Uh 45. Ucf 31

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I think UCF will have its way with the UH secondary.

UCF - 45
UH - 35

42-35 UH

UCF 51, UH 28

55 UCF
41 UH

This year reminds me of that Kelvin Kolb/Art Briles year when UH was good and competitive and can score the heck out of the ball but they’re a year away from being really GOOD! It’s a process for coach Dana. Earth :earth_americas: wasn’t built in a day!

And Tune again loses against a good team if UCF qualifies as that.

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UH 51 UCF 35.

UH 42 the other team 27

UH: a whole bunch
UCF: a few, but not a bunch

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UH - 41
UCF - 38


Coogs 42
UCF 34

So, a partial bunch as opposed to a whole bunch?

Coogs 42
UCF 38

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Correct. And when you get over a whole bunch, you go to bunches. When referring to bunches, that automatically means each bunch is a whole bunch. This is all in the Texas Standard Measurement System. There are other metrics in this system, such as buttloads, sh__ loads, etc., as well.


Is that you D’eriq ?

It’s BYU Dad :joy:


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