UCFs Shaquem Griffin

Ran a 4.38 40 and did 20 reps on the bench. :exploding_head:


He’s a little small for an every down LB, but with how the game is changing to base nickle/dime on half the plays, he’ll have tremendous value for somebody. Imagine him coming in for McKinney or Cunningham for the Texans on obvious passing downs. As much as the Texans need O line and true secondary, a coverage/blitz linebacker that’s a playmaker like Griffin would make me really happy in the 3rd round.

Cunningham is actually a good cover LB. It was Cushing and McKinney that were a liability in coverage for the Texans. That is pretty much why they got better when Cushing was suspended and why he should have been cut a year before he was, but mismanagement is the norm over on kirby dr. They also have Dylan Cole who was an undrafted find last year so I don’t think they would be looking for a ILB in the draft.

They were talking about Griffin and saying you know some teams will knock him down a peg because of his disability, but he will get picked and if you outplay where you are drafted you usually make up the money in your second contract.

Is second 40 was 4.58. I don’t know how much time there is between first run and second. Maybe he slipped on second run? Or maybe 4.38 was him juiced on adrenalin and his consistent time is like 4.5-4.6.

He is definitely quick, but when I watched him play, he didn’t look like a 4.4 guy to me.