Ucla might get blocked from leaving

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Y’all prob know this or maybe posted but they are gonna hate each other if this happens along with pissing off the big10. Plus lawsuits will happen. You really can’t block schools from leaving like this and it’s never been done.


I hope this happens. I love a good circus.


Probably another reason why four corners are still hinging their wagon to the pac12. Hoping the regents block this move. Not going to happen.

Not trying to bring politics into this, but the governor of California will be campaigning in Ohio and Michigan in a few years for the highest office. Blocking this move would cost him dearly, if spun correctly. He is not going to be stupid enough to block ucla to BIG.

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B1G simply calls Stanford or Washington and the Pac becomes weaker than had the B1G taken UCLA.


I was thinking that, too. Cue the B10 taking Washington, Oregon, Stanford, and Cal. Then cue the B12 taking the four corners.

Kliavkoff left with UCLA, WSU, and OSU. This is why I am baffled that Kliavkoff gets all this respect. Everything he does reeks of incompetence.

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If regents can block ucla they also block cal. They are all part of the UC system.
But without reading article (blocked) , I think it is unlikely they put their foot down at
this point.

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Ya know, for all the talk about how PAC academics are better than Big 12 academics, consider this.

Why is it that only the PAC’s lawyers were too stupid to include basic stuff like exit fees and grants of rights, you know, the very things that EVERY OTHER MAJOR CONFERENCE has in order to ensure stability and deter poaching?

I’m guessing that the PAC has mostly PAC law school grads as lawyers, so obviously, those schools must be a little bit overrated!


Well you know California is usually the first to do a lot of things.

Arrogance. They thought geography would always protect them and that they were truly elite.

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Desperate PAC commish spouting nonsense…cmon!

exactly if UCLA gets blocked, BIG will simply choose a PAC private of their choice. PAC is dead.

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It appears to me Texas government was influential
in how the original B12 looked when it came into
being. Likewise it sounded the same when UH was included in the latest expansion. So Cali may only be
in second place.

The big issue is you can’t stop schools from moving. UCLA will bring it to court and win.

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Who in UCLA would do that ? I guess before the
regents replace that person, it’s possible. But the next
guy they install would probably ask the case be dismissed. Dont Regents have the ultimate say in how
the system and system components are run ?

I mean…nobody said he’d do well. Rick Perry campaigned in those states for the highest office, too, and I expect Newsom’s campaign to go similarly. But the guy does seem to have presidential ambition.

Part of me would love to see this happen just to see how that shakes things up further in the world of CFB…but then I think about where that would leave us, and I’m not so thrilled about it…I guess it would be a huge win for the Big 12 if UCLA is blocked from leaving the Pac 12 & we’re able to poach some of their other schools.

Gonna be interesting following this case tho.

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