UCLA & USC Leaving PAC 12


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Sources being the Wilner tweet and Tom Herman


If that happens consider me the newest disciple of the 1927 fan club. I will have been utterly, completely, and disturbingly wrong.


Funk, you are always admirable that way. In everyone’s defense, this continuing re alignment was going to get weirder, just that nobody could reliably pick the next shoe to fall…

Just like the NEXT shoe to fall, who the hell knows…

The most bizarre 2 years of my life…


Thamel “a few sources”… lol

You’re ESPN. You ARE the sources.

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1927 got me on this one!

I could not have been more wrong here.

That said, the people that said that we shouldn’t go to the PAC-12 (like yours truly) can also claim vindication.

Ultimately, UH landed in a conference that has proven to be MORE stable than the PAC-12.

I already didn’t want UH going to the #5 out of 5 P5 conferences.

Now the PAC-12 is looking even LESS appealing.

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