Ugh. Brooks’ Lamar is trailing a D3 school

28-25 St. Thomas at the half.

Lamar is back in the Southland conference.

And they’re projected to finish last in the league :slightly_frowning_face:

Source: The Almanac

St. Thomas is actually a transitional D1 school now. They were kicked out of their D3 conference for being too dominant and nobody in D2 wanted them, so the NCAA granted them an unprecedented D3 to D1 waiver. So their football is now in FCS and the rest of their sports are D1 with elite D3 recruits.



St Thomas has no football.

And their BBall team is D3.

Lamar only beat D3 UST by 2.

UST is in the d3 SCAC Conference.

Is it UST in Houston or St Thomas of Minnesota? The Minnesota school is D1 now.

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The Minnesota one had a huge football rivalry with St. John’s of Minnesota.

The Tommies vs The Johnies

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St. Thomas of Houston played Lamar today… not the nearby high schools either.

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St Thomas MN actually gave Creighton a decent gave

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I must have logged in to the wrong site, is this Coogfans?

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I remember years ago when Coach Alvin took down the horns….he’s a great guy and we had a big hug when it ended…by far his best win


HOUSTON St. Thomas.

They nearly upset D1 Lamar.

Bad look for Lamar under Brooks. Query: does this suggest that Sampson’s philosophy and culture are not portable to other programs that lack Sampson’s particular leadership and ability?

You’re in the right place.

Brooks was a HC and Assistant here under Sampson.

One might think that Sampson mentored him into becoming a good head coach.

It appears, however, that Brooks has not improved under Sampson’s tutelage.

I know all that, my comment was a joke.

Plus a former student athlete as well.

Houston need UST to do well. HBU, UST, TSU, Rice, UH, we could hold a city tournament with just the school in Houston.

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Agree with all but UST.

A Division I basketball program losing to a D3 basketball program like UST would be more or less on the same level as a MLB baseball team losing to its Class low-A affiliate.

Those other D1 programs should not have them in one of their tourneys.

That said, I’d love for UST to be a DOMINANT d3 sports power, and make deep d3 tourney runs in basketball and baseball. A few of my best friends are UST alums, as is one of my Uncles.