UH #1 in AAC recruiting rankings

Average ranking per recruit and overall rating.


We play in the Big 12 now, Sam.

It’s nice. But that is no longer our competition. These kids will never play a down in the AAC.


Yes, but 2 of the AAC teams are also moving to b12. So, at this point UH is in the middle of B12. With success better recruiting.


We’d be 9th in the Big12 currently, right above Kansas. Which is crazy considering how good of a class we’re getting this year.

And based on 247’s class calculator, UH is 34th overall in the rankings.


According to 247, we’d be 7th with a score (with MHP added) of 203.45, which would put us between Baylor, 6th, at 210.19 and West Virginia at 201.74.


Ah I see now. Thanks for clearing that up

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So I guess Rivals won’t move us to the Big 12 until July?

More concerning is Cincinnati who is second to last in the conference.

According to his Rivals profile, he has 35 P5 offers !!


Of course. We are still in the AAC.

Thats great but you gotta transition outta that G5 mindset and start acting like a P5 fan


Was that reply to me?

No, thats definitely towards the OP. Lol it wouldn’t make sense in a reply to you.

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Sure, but finishing 1st in the top G5 league puts us in the middle of the Big 12 pack.


Avg stars 3.18 would put UH second behind TCU in the new Big 12, need to add a few more to the class for the total class rank


They just got punched in the gut with a coaching change. Not sure they’ll be able to recover this year but it’s probably not a good indicator. (They made a pretty Holgorsenesque/Tubervillean hire, though, so not sure about that.)

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See, i just dont buy into these class rankings, for all the other troubles WVU has had, we got commitments in this recruiting class from some straight up stud players…we had 2 recruits playing in that Army All American Bowl game over the weekend. If WVU is 9th or 10th in the Big 12 recruiting rankings then the rest of the conference must be doing a spectacular job.


Suck it Cincy!

P6 Baby!

Sorry I posted that out of habit…:bowing_woman:t6:

I cant be upset w #10 in B12 right now. Staff have closed late on some bigger talent every year.
Hopefully Top 8 and ahead of UCF.

You have to be excited about the haul at WR, RB and DB so far.