UH #24 in CFP Rankings


Virginia Tech could drop below us, after their loss to Clemson.

Western Michigan could drop out as well, if Ohio gets lucky.

A Baylor upset of West Virginia? Crazier things have happened this year.

A ranking around of #22 or #23 this Sunday, and a strong showing at our bowl game, and we’re looking good to finish in the Top 20.

This would help our pre-season ranking next year as well.

I figured we need some good news, after the “he who shall forever go unmentioned” fiasco.


Highly doubt we will be ranked in the preseason.

But we could finish the season as the only ranked texas team. Could help keep the class intact.

I am starting to think Navy controls their own destiny for the access bowl. Only two spots behind Western Michigan and Navy has an extra game to play. With us still being ranked, it boosts their resume. Throw in the politics involved and there very well could be a lot of upset fans in Michigan.


We’ll get some votes in the preseason, but I’d be surprised if we’re ranked. A lot will depend on if Kyle Allen is our starter and who we hire as coach. If we bring in Holgorsen and Allen is the starter with all our returnees and Ed Oliver, I could see us in the 20’s.

For all the talk about how we get no national respect, to see us ranked 24 after losing 3 conference games makes me feel like the tides are turning a bit. This has been the weirdest year ever. Beat two top 5 teams, but lose to SMU and Memphis? I’m so ready to put this year behind us.