UH #59 in NCAA Athletic Revenue


For 17-18. The public schools.


How are teams like SD State, Memphis, and Colorado State generating as much revenue as us with less…

Those teams generally have about the same attendance as UH the last couple years. Plus it is before the new TV contract for the American kicks in. The additional TV revenue should move UH up in future rankings.

SDSU and Memphis basketball help those schools a ton. Both generate a ton of revenue from basketball and they were receiving more donations (at least that they tagged as athletic) than we did.

Of course, 2017-18 didn’t include the Fertitta Center and certain contributions that are made to the athletic department aren’t tagged for the athletic department in some cases (some are part of a general donation to the University and then dispersed).


59th out of the public schools probably puts us at #74 or lower overall.

Add a few thousand $ more.


The basketball arena can support bull riding???


This event is going to be a bust. Last time i checked it wasnt even close to being sold out and its only going to be half the arena. If we dont start promoting events better no ones is going to want to use the new arena for their event.

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It’s unfortunate that people lack the foresight to see a bad idea. A bull riding event will smell up the place for weeks. Quite literally, this is BS.