UH Acceptance

Oldest kid just called with news that he is accepted to UH for undergrad. School of Engineering bound unless he gets one of his Ivy League or Johns Hopkins! Congrats kiddo. '-)




Great news!

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UH will be a lot more friendly to your bank account than Ivy League or Johns Hopkins. What branch of engineering is he pursuing?


Well done, young man!

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Congrats! That is awesome news! Best wishes! #GoCoogs!

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Why does it matter where you go for engineering, you will get the same pay when you get out


‘I used to smoke pot with John Hopkins. It was Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering, and they would blaze that shit every day.’ - Brendon Huff

Congrats! Go Coogs!


It matters as to what field you want. For example at some colleges an EE degree is either computer science or electronics, while others offer power distribution and transmission.

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Congratulations and welcome to the family!

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Red, he is leaning towards either mechanical or electrical. Does UH have a particular field of engineering that is better than the others?


Congrats to your son!

Chemical Engineering was traditionally UH’s flagship engineering program. However, other Engineering fields are good as well.

Most recently, the Petroleum Engineering program opened, and, to the best of my knowledge, that’s the highest paid (starting salary wise anyway) engineering speciality, with ChemE #2.

The chemical, mechanical, and civil engineering departments are really strong. The most acclaimed is the chemical engineering department. The electrical engineering department is geared towards compuer science and electronics. The reason I was told is that when NASA started contributing heavily years ago, they wanted compuer science and electronics. I am attaching a link to the EE curricula and you can judge for yourself. The power courses were moved to the college of technology and you can get an ET degree in power or electronics, but it isn’t an engineering degree. That’s what I got my degree in because I didn’t, and still don’t, like computer science and electronics. I work for an engineering company in the petrochemical division, and power distribution and control is what I do. Guys with the electronics training are more tuned to instrumentation and process control.

However, the young people really gravitate toward the computers and electronics. I am not familiar with that employment field, so some other EE type will need to fill you in.


There’s something you need to know. In the design engineering business, the electrical engineers are the least represented in the upper management of companies. When it comes to the more physical disciplines like civil, mechanical, piping, etc. everyone seems to grasp each other’s concepts. In the petro-chem industry, process engineers ( Chem E degree) also rise to the top. When we talk electrical in a meeting, project managers’ eyes tend to glaze over and they kind of brush it aside. So, we tend to be a sort of isolated group.


Those other schools are probably not better in engineering anyway.


So is he going to play football or what?


Great post Mike.

Awesome, Congrats

It is not the school… it is the person !!

Always will be.


Don’t do petroleum. He will be pigeon holed. The other disciplines are a lot more broad.