UH Air Filter

An article came out in June or July, about the University of Houston developing an Air Filter that killed Viruses, including Covid 19.
Since then I have heard nothing.
I realize the push for a vaccine is number one, but since this virus is transmitted thru the air, every Hospital, School, and Office Building should be hurriedly installing these air filters.
All I am hearing is crickets. What a horrible mistake.

I think this was more a university type research
thing and not a real “product”. If I recall correctly,
the device was to heat air to 150 degrees prior to
entering the cooling coils. To do that you need additional power and some type of device to fit in the duct work. Something much more then just replacing a 1 inch thick existing disposable filter.
Once you heat it to that level, it probably would take much more cooling capacity to get vent air to be coming out at 60 degrees or so. Not sure any existing AC system could easily be retrofitted to work with this

I’d imagine there are lots of testing and approval that would be needed to avoid potential fire and safety things like that .

Edit; The filter heats to nearly 400 F.

I envisioned it as a freestanding system rather than a replacement filter. Probably would be hella-expensive, but maybe worth it for hospitals or places where limiting people in a particular space doesn’t make sense.

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