UH Alumni Oral History Project

Apologies if this was already posted. Has any of you responded to this?
The Alumni association has my info but I only received tow to three emails for local gatherings since 1994…Is this initiative legit to you?

It is also a money grab as you give them money, they send you a bag, t shirt, sweatshirt and the book.

My oral history at UH was very, very different

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I thought it was pretty cool, so I participated. I was one of the first 500 to do so, so this morning I picked up a “gift”. Ended up being a hunk of the old Quads buildings. Pretty neat.


They gave you a rock? :sob:🤦


I suppose you could say that. It’ll live next to my piece of Robertson Stadium on my patio.

I picked up prize pack with the UH hand insignia cap and the Quad rock on Friday
It’s a neat piece of the campus to have.