UH and A&M to partner in $200M Biomedical Research Facility

President Khator knows what she’s doing. Increasing research dollars by partnering and thereby improving academic ratings.

Texas A&M President:

Finally, we are committed to developing programs that will increase our funding from the National Institutes of Health. To support this effort, we will construct two new research facilities in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

The first of these – known as the TMC3 Collaborative – is a joint venture with MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT Health. The second is a $200 million dollar biomedical research building developed in partnership with the University of Houston. These facilities, along with the EnMed program, will attract international research talent and increase the prominence of our biomedical research portfolio.


Here is a rendering of the building presented by President Khator in her Fall Address to the university.


Great idea.

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I’m really glad UH has a seat at the table at TMC. I just hope UH takes up a sizable part of this building.


Not only is UH a member of TMC but president Khator has a seat on the TMC CEO Forum so yes, we’re in the club.


Sorry, I mistyped. I meant TMC3. UH’s name wasn’t ever mentioned when they were talking about the TMC3 institutions initially.

Can you say……FANCY SCHMANCY!!!


So glad UH got invited to TMC3. Its a big deal.


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