UH and Tech asking for $1 Billion Endowments Each

It may finally happen. Things seem to be aligning for this
to finally happen.


This is the way.


There’s no reason why UT and A&M should be getting tens of billions of dollars in funding every year while UH and Tech couldn’t get at least $1 billion a year! None! Stop the squanders that UT and A&M do every year on nonsense (Such as getting into UH’s territory and offering the same programs as UH to shut UH out) and give some of that money to UH and Tech so that they could offer more programs for Texas students! UH and Tech should be working together for their shared cause! Now, where are those hypocrites that want UT to have its campus in Houston in their BS claim that “competition is good?” Why aren’t they demand UT and A&M share the money that they are stealing from the state with UH and Tech if they truly believe competition is good? Huh, hypocrites?

Here’s what the Legislature’s initial budget plans would spend on the Houston area Here's what the initial Texas budget would spend on Houston area

This talks about the endowment fund. 2.8 billion is the number being tossed around!
Great news!!


Ya know, $2.8 billion is good, any bit helps.

But is it going to be split a billion different ways, as I asked before?

If so, then how much will be left for UH?

I hope it’s enough to truly make a difference.

What’s the latest on this request?

I mean I wonder how pisssd the other public schools would be if only Houston and Tech got money.

Soooo probably split… unfortunately

It’s going to pass to the tune of 1.16B for us and tech and 580M for txst and unt. Infuriating and can’t believe we have to split with them. They are academically not at our level and should have to go trough the hoops we went through.

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It’s called politics.

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Well 1 billion for us is good. It would take 20 or more yrs to gather an extra billion so if we get which it looks like, I’m happy and it will take us to the next level. We had to bring tech along and maybe others to get it passed.


That’s stupid. Why would we need to add them to get it passed and not share the puf. Like i said ranking and academics wise we’re way ahead. It’s dumb we didn’t get more or a share of the puf.

PUF is the third rail of political issues in Texas. It won’t happen. Until UH has enough political power to challenge the UT system or TAMU system… it’s not up for discussion. This is a win.

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Honestly, we need a UH grad as governor, preferably a Republican (and I say this as Democrat). Someone who has clout that could get the state constitution amended so that the PUF is enlarged and then split 5 ways between UT, TAMU, UH, TTU and the Texas State system.

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I agree. If we get the billion which looks like we are, we’re gonna be in great shape.