UH and the City are going to reduce Cullen Blvd to two lanes across campus

I just commented to my dad walking to the stadium that Cullen is too much of a divider between the campus and TDECU. The City of Houston and UH announced that they are going to reduce Cullen to two lanes while widening the sidewalks and adding a bike lane. This will be a big improvement and make Cullen less of a divider of the campus. The PDF below has actual schematics.


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Pedestrian friendly which is what I think a college campus should be. I think it goes well with the building of garages on the outlining of campus.


I like alternative B but my gripe with this plan is the traffic on campus is already horrible. Cutting the lanes down makes it harder for everybody for an aesthetic. I would like less space to make it feel more campus inclusive to stadium, but theres still to much space as a divider in between. Then idk how the turns would be made in such a reduced space.


It looks like there will be a middle third lane in spots for vehicles turning left.

Yeah but 33 across is narrow. A turning lane in between would make it nearly impossible for a uturn. Which is what most houston drivers would do. Lol

. . . narrowing the street to one lane in each direction south of Holman with a continual center turn lane.

It may be safer for pedestrians but head-on collisions may increase because of the continual center turning lane for both directions.

There use to be a continual center turning lane in both directions on highway 6 but they replaced it with a median. There were lots of wrecks in that lane. I almost had a head on collision but quickly I jumped back into the main lanes.

well this is really going to mess up game day traffic for those of us in the garage.

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I don’t think it will be that big of a difference because there will still be exits on Cullen or onto Scott off of Holman. It looks like there will be only left turns in the middle turning lane and for turning right drivers will stay in the one directional lane. They will just have to direct all the traffic coming out of the garage off Holman in one direction on Cullen. I will admit that I always though that if they did this that it would go to two lanes right after Holman at the corner of the garage.

Last game there were only about 20k in the stands and a bunch left early. I stayed to the end of the game and when I exited the garage I couldn’t turn left because the traffic was too baked up. turned right and was force to turn left towards 45 and Cullen was backed up all the way to The FC. Reducing Cullen to 1 lane is going to be a complete traffic disaster. UH does traffic management as well as it does concessions.

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Dumb idea. Bike Lanes can stick it.

That seems like how they are going to do it in the future during football games. Cullen becomes part of the TDECU Stadium Pavilion (Party on Cullen, assuming it becomes tent city). It could be fun if all the organizations would have their tailgating parties on Cullen.


The point is I don’t want to go to I45. I don’t want to be in that disastrous traffic jam.

I’m sure they’ll find a solution to traffic maybe. But this does fix the tailgating problem for the future. RVs included.

Once the redesign of Cullen is done the university should rebuild the tailgate pavilions in the grass between the road and the stadium. I miss the old pavilions for tailgating at the Rob.







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I really appreciate your posts Christian. I live in Canada and haven’t been to campus since November 2019. Keep these informative posts coming!!

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This is going to be very nice when completed, I believe they are already starting in the stadium area all the way to the baseball fields. Cant wait 'till it’s completed

It will be a great improvement plus markers to let people know they are in the univ vs people driving in and wondering with no designated markers except the 2 I know of for now

This should be a wonderful improvement!