UH Apparel

crohou posted this on twitter, but I thought I’d bring it over here as these are pretty cool:



Love the old school stuff. Especially that red shirt.

That red shirt is looking good

Dig it.

I just want one of those snazzy Htowntakeover shirts they give to guys that come for visits or camps (not sure which or if both).

This is an awesome graphic. Not sure why they aren’t selling it.

They gave those out at the football dinner

If you guys want some really nice coog gear, go to St Barnards on Westheimer just inside the loop. They are carrying several Peter Millar polos and button downs along with some Smathers and Branson’s belts and keychains.

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I forgot to mention that St Barnards has several craft bears on tap and whiskey for the shopping patrons.

Awe damn. You mean last years kickoff dinner or something else? I was was out of town that week. Wonder if they’ll do the same this year?

Yer sir, wouldn’t doubt that they’ll do it again, the fans love it.

Damn those are nice, I still want the one Watt had on last year at the Memphis game.


Linky no worky :frowning:

Definitely want to pick up some older cat logos. Those just look amazing.

I know the bookstore sold a white tv shirt version of #HTownTakeover with the font. It was an item of the game early in the season. So im hoping they bring it back or a new version.

The Peter Millar UH stuff is really nice. I’m gonna have to check this place out. Whiskey for shopping patrons? Sounds right down my alley.

UH bookstore carries Peter Millar, 25% off till 7/6.

Since we are on the topic. Does anyone know where to get a UH Hat like the one Tom Herman wears. Looks like Nike Dry Fit Material. I do not live in the Houston area and have looked everywhere online to find one like and have had no luck. Just curious if anyone knows. TIA!


Found this one recently.


here is another cool one that I like


Never mind found it and just bought. Wanted a white but black will do

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