UH Bars - Houston Suburbs

Want to link this here for those that don’t frequent the football threads. Please read and contribute!!!

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A little over a week away until conference play! Let’s show our pride and help build our fanbase! Please try to watch as many games as possible outside of your home! Show up in force at your local bar/restaurant with other Coog Fans!

:thinking: Huh.

Just trying to get our fans excited and show Houstonians that UH is a powerhouse school. You go to Austin or College Station and there are bars packed for every game. We need to build that same atmosphere. That’s how you bring in the T-Shirt fans that are a huge part of attendance and support. Increasing attendance and viewership incentivizes NIL deals. More audience for marketing. It also creates a culture that athletes want to be a part of.

This is the week! Conference play begins on Saturday! Where will you be watching? Call your local bar in advance and make sure they will be playing the game!

As a Season ticket holder & 55+ yrs of being loyal T-shirt fan :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I will be watching game in section 116 - Row 11.

As far Road gms , be watching on my 75’ Samsung 4k. At 64 y.o i don’t frequent the local bars much , nothing wrong w it but just not my way of enjoying the game. Especially during a week day game.

Edit: just a guess but you’re prob a younger Alum. Need all types of fans, Alums to support the Program as you mention. But has been discussed ad nauseam on this forum, UH is different from other Schools in way you decribe or want.
No matter— #GoCoogs


The students are our future…and frankly, bars or not, that is a scary thought…

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Fertitta Center . . . . .

We don’t drink any alcoholic drink, so bars are pretty much out of the question. Occasionally we’ll have dinner somewhere when our game is on, but at age 77, I like my recliner, 2 lap warming chihuahuas and 2 cats. We will get to a dance hall every once in awhile and get some serious exercise.


My dog loves to sit with me for basketball games. Football games, I yell at the TV too much for her, so she keeps her distance.


That dog hasn’t sat through a Coogs BIG12 Basketball game w you. Be prepared to watch alone! :laughing::grin:


First time I show any emotion one of mine takes her exit. It doesn’t take long.

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Folks that were able to watch in-conference games at bars so far, how’s the turn out been? My Katy bar has been kinda weak, but it’s in an early development area so not many folks nearby.

I have never had any consistent luck finding a group of coogs to watch with on my side of town. So every now and then I’ll grab my brother in law and a friend and create my own group. Occasionally we will run in to someone else that happens to be wearing UH stuff and wave them over but what I’ve found is that most Coog fans want to be left alone. I have a tailgate I attend regularly in football but basketball is pretty dead. Come tournament time its a little easier. Also if you got out of town to the conference tournaments or away games then you’ll find some coogs getting together.


Woodrows - Bellaire was a fun time with a few folks there getting behind the team.

Didnt have to ask the bar to change the channel when I arrived. They were already making the change.