UH Baseball 2024 : Rice (Mar 19-20)

Thirty hours out from Rice. Assessment?



If they don’t beat Rice easily, there should be some major concerns!


Permanent constipation.


He is just like Dana, drawing a paycheck and making it look like he is trying to win, he is fleecing us just not to the extent Holgy was


That’s fair.

I do think he is trying somewhat but it’s just the same mistakes year after year….

Makes you really wonder, in some of the really good years if we had a better coach would the Supers turned into CWS appearances?

I can’t say for sure but I know he was making some of the same dumb moves and allowing horrible base running, etc. back then as he does now.
But between the higher talent level and a certain pitching coach it covered up a lot of coaching deficits.


Rice wins v SAM. PVAM, UL-LA x 2. Houston Chr x 3.
Just lost 3 of 4 at Hawaii.

Ole Whitt is 18-22 career v Rice ?

Heads up for KSU on Friday.
UH Cougar Pit Vipers giveaway night.
Should look similar.
pit vipers


I had thought that 1999 would be our year.

Surprisingly, we lost to San Jose State.

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If you pay close enough attention, he spends more time talking to his son, the bat boy, more than he does the team!

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He is nothing like Dana. He is a good family man who has been a loyal Cougar for many years.
As a top assistant at TCU his recruiting helped the Frogs mold into a powerhouse.
When he came back home he immediately started recruiting well and winning.
For some reason; whether he became complacent or lazy, the program, like Rice started going downwards about the time of the Pandemic.
All of a sudden getting local kids to come into the city to play became very difficult.
Did his wife’s illness take its toll with Whitting? Did he burnout?
I have been calling for change the last few years and I still think that change needs to be made.
But don’t act like Whitting never did anything good here. I’m thinking the game has passed him by.
Now if you want to talk freeloading like Dana let’s talk womens hoops or softball.


Just so sad looking at all the empty seats for tonight’s game. Used to be a must-see game. And I am not there as well. A shame as how these two programs have declined.
Coogs up 3-0 heading to the 6th.



We can get back to being a top 10 program which will bring the crowds….just have to have and AD that gives a sh-t.

I’m not going to get into what coach should be brought in, but the right guy can turn this thing around almost overnight.


For those wondering … as we cannot even find final scores of baseball consistently on the baseball board anymore :frowning: … we won the game Tues night v. Rice.


Im sorry man, i HAVE to turn the games off when i see bad baseball. I havent finished a complete game since 2017

If I’m wondering about the scores, I usually just check here: University of Houston Athletics



And we just ran ourselves out of another inning. :rage:

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That was just silly. Bad baseball.

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1-1 Top 6

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Torrealba with a one run lead?

Not the brightest move.