UH Baseball 2024: TCU (Mar 28-30)


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Beating old Wich State nemesis Payton Tolle tonight would be sweet.

The AAC baseball vs B12 difference.
Enough into the season that stats are genuine.
3.73 ERA in 31 innings after a slow start.
National pitcher of the week w a complete game shutout last at OK St.
Still looks the part.

A feared hitter in the AAC at .300+ w 16 HRs.
14 starts as INF and hitting .200 for TCU w 1 HR.
Does not look the part.

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Here we go!

Leadoff hitter .211 & a catcher starting in RF. I’m baseball challenged, somebody please explain.


Getting whipped again

In the Baseball Bizarro World of Ol Whitt managing UH in 2024, stacking all right handed hitters (regardless of skill) vs a lefty must make sense.

Barely works in high school and vs a Top 100 type draft pick like Tolle = UH w 1 hit, 11Ks through 8.

Close or under .100 in Big 12 games after tonight.

A bad idea. See that drop leading to TCU run # 4.

Fielding rancid again & not just the embarrassing errors.
Announcers called out 3d baseman twice & CF for low baseball IQ fielding.

2 bad AAC pitchers they oddly brought back put it further out of reach.

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The lack of situational knowledge is on the coaching staff….pathetic.

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Out drinking my hoop sorrows away. Real quick for now.

How can the baseball muscle memory and habits not be there for so many of these guys?

UH w better starter and most of good bullpen tomorrow.

Would love to watch practice for a couple of days.


Jelkins sharp today & just 1 error. 3 UH steals.
UH 4 -2 B 7th.

Stuart - 2 WP & a horrible throw away on inning ending double play.
Could not get a single out. UH 4-3.

In comes Murray. WP then a sacrifice. TCU 5-4.

Another horrible error on Lopez at 1st.
Lopez hitting .194 w 5 errors.
TCU 6-4.

Edit 2
That was rough.
Only 2 UH regulars over .250 in B12 play now.
168th in errors before 3 today.
Finished 12th last season. 3rd in 2022.

Rice next. Near 200 in RPI.
1-5 since UH sweep.
Run ruled by Wich today.

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Summary: TCU scores 6 runs on only 2 hits.


WhittBall in its finest display.


Headed into this series.

Baylor won two out of three vs Tech and Cinci after being swept by the Coogs.

Or since sweeping Baylor, UH is 1-8 in Big 12 play.

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After catching up on weekend series and finding out nothing new, I actually don’t know what to write about it.


Which shows the conference is weak , at least so far….UH has the talent to be middle of the pack.

But between the lineups and complete lack of fundamentals and situational awareness it ain’t happening.


No you wouldnt. It would make your blood boil.


You’re probably right Baller, but I expect it would confirm a lot of suspicions.

It would absolutely do that!

They are literally just trying to throw some stuff against the wall to see if it sticks right now. They completely freaked themselves out after the KSU series!


It feels like it has been a century ago.