UH Baseball 2024: TCU (Mar 28-30)

Pre-series opening thoughts?

Isn’t TCU top ten or something close?

If so, then we have our work cut out for us.

But, OTOH…if we are ever going to turn the season around…this would seem to be our chance!

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They’re 2-7 in conference and lost a series to Kansas.

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Oh gosh. They must not have lived up to expectations! I thought I saw them on some sort of pre-season Top 20 list!

Maybe this is our chance to move up in the standings then!

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It’s hard to say. They won all their non-conference games and played some good teams.

They’ve dug themselves a hole in conference play, for sure.

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A sweep v UCLA (#20) and a win v DBU (#19) their highlights.

2-7 in Big12.
Tolle from Wichita has been good. Rest of starters over 6 ERA.
@ 5 good relievers so far.

A mop up guy.

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My apologies folks. I just checked! It looks like TCU fell out of the Baseball America rankings on March 25th.

Hopefully, we’re catching them at a time when they are indeed down!



“Perhaps one of the biggest storylines in all of college baseball is what in the world is going on with TCU.”

More awful fielding.

Top of 7: TCU 7 - 0 UH. Deer in headlights.

Well we should get a new coach now after this collapse in the big 12

1 hit thru 7. Not a good night.

3 errors and not errors but throwing to the wrong spot, etc. a WP.
How is the fielding muscle memory not there for these veteran UH players?

Rainess w 7 errors already. Hitting @.250.
That pre season All American mention a long time ago.

1 hit ?
TCU Rodriguez a good reliever w 1 start. Great today.
4 guys w ABs today under .200 for UH.
5 soon w Lyssey in @ 138.

About to get run ruled at 0-9 & you don’t give a young pitcher a shot ?
Why leave in this stiff ?

4 errors now & another WP.
Not changing pitchers and its 0-12.
No outs. Exiting UH pitcher w a 22.50 ERA now.

TCU w 20 hits.


TCU Batting Practice underway.

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What an embarrassment. Change is needed…two years ago.


Did we win?


If that had been a fight, it never would have been scheduled to begin with.

It’s looking like a long conference season.

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Coogs hung in there till the end. But eventually to muchTCU. Too much to too little. :man_facepalming:

TCU-- 2 Touchdowns + 2 extra points
Coogs-- 1 extra point.

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In the words of Ms. Scarlett, “tomorrow is another day.”

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