UH Behavioral Neuroscience experts receive grant to test Cerecor

Cerecor (CERC) Receives US DoD Research Grant for CERC-501

Cerecor Inc. (NASDAQ: CERC) announced that the Pharmacotherapies for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders (PASA) Consortium has provided a grant to Dr. Colin Haile (Principal Investigator, University of Houston), Dr. Therese Kosten (Co-Investigator, University of Houston) and Dr. Ronald Marcus (Co-Investigator, Cerecor) to assess the efficacy of CERC-501, a selective kappa opioid receptor (KOR) antagonist, separately and in combination with one of two anti-hypertensive drugs (both of which target norepinephrine), in reducing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-induced alcohol use disorder (AUD) in animal models. This study is a collaborative effort between Cerecor and Drs. Haile and Kosten, who are both established experts in behavioral neuroscience, and will be conducted at the University of Houston.

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