UH coach Tom Herman sits tight amid tidal wave of interest

UH coach Tom Herman sits tight amid tidal wave of interest
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If that time comes, nobody can blame Herman if he listens. Remember Herman later admitted that talks with at least one school, presumably South Carolina, “got very intense” last season before deciding he likes winning and wants to make his mark in his first head coaching job.

“I feel like we are building a program here,” Herman said. “Not just a season.”

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Good article. Said he is building a program not a great season.


Herman strikes me as a guy with an entrepreneurial bent. Guys like that obviously want to make lots of money, but the big picture goal is to build something you can be proud of and stake your name to. And building something like that takes time. I’ve pointed it out several times on these boards and to friends who think he’ll leave for any kind of P5 raise, but the way he negotiated his extension last year gave me a ton of confidence that he intends to stay for a while. Why else would new and updated facilities play such an important role in the discussions? If he just wanted more money until a better job offer came along, he wouldn’t have wasted his time asking for facilities and tying his buyout to timelines on those facilities. It was public knowledge that the Board had authorized an annual salary up to $3,000,000. He ended up with $2,800,000. Why? Because he wanted to use that extra $200,000 to pay his coordinators more. Todd Orlando turned down a job at Wisconsin to stay here. I’m sure Applewhite intends to stay put too. I firmly believe that’s because Herman has sold them on his long term vision for building this program into a monster and they want to be a part of that. They also know, with solid evidence, that Herman will make sure they are taken care of.

Herman is building something great here. A program an entire city can be proud of. A legacy for himself and his family. A potential dynasty on the field. He’s not done yet…not even close. I don’t believe for a second that he’s going anywhere any time soon. Certainly not LSU. As he continues to win, he has unfinished business here and entrepreneurs don’t move on while things are going well.

I may yet prove to be naive on this, but I don’t think I am. We’ll see.


Great post 2002Coog. I think he will leave at some point but I’m not convinced it is this year. I think he has a short list of schools he’d leave for. My guess is USC, UT, and Ohio State - that’s it. I don’t think any team in the SEC is on his list including LSU -too hard to win at the highest level and unforgiving fans/alumni. I’m not saying he shies away from top level competition, but all factors have to be weighed and ask Richt and Miles how the SEC worked out for them after they had both been HIGHLY successful in that conference. That’s just my opinion.

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I know if I were a coach, the alumni/fanbase/ad/boosters at LSU would be a real turnoff towards working there.

They treated a guy who bled purple and yellow for them and brought home a championship pretty shabbily. It seems they also have unrealistic expectations of what is possible year in, year out in terms of wins. Its the SEC W: at best you’ll have a jump ball for the title.

Who needs that kind of hostile work environment?


The only teams that worry me are Notre Dame and Ohio St. :scream:

Well, we know Ohio St. isn’t firing their coach this year. That leaves Notre Dame, USC and UT as my sole worries.

Let’s enjoy what we have ladies and gentlemen. We can’t change the past and do not know the future.

Would LSU wait until mid January to hire Herman? Very, very doubtful and If UH wins he will not be available until then. Unless of course he was willing to give up a chance to coach in a playoff game and that makes little sense. Surely, UH would not let him continue coaching if he gets a job elsewhere. Isn’t every coaches ultimate goal to make the playoffs and win a championship?

Further, If UH wins out and makes the playoffs thus proving the concept that you can do it from a G5 team why on earth would anyone leave the best G5 program and possibly the easiest route to get into the playoffs again?

The best way to keep Herman is clearly just to win out. No pressure players. No pressure.

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