UH Coogs -- 2024/2025 Season -- Non Conf Schd -- Mexico City site of game vs KU canceled



So now that makes 2 of us that didn’t want to go to Mexico. :laughing::sweat_smile:

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Sorry Coach…Not a big fan of playing a showcase game , against one of the Bluest of Blue bloods in the Largest City in North America, to PROMOTE THE UH BRAND, especially since he VOLUNTEERED to send his team to places like Italy and Australia which are WAY further away?

Not buying it …Coach!

we travel to Italy and Australia during the offseason.

If im not mistaken, the Mexico game was going to be mid season?

also, we already play Kansas in regular conference play.

I personally was never a fan of this game either.


Australia is in August, when they’re still conditioning, seeing where the Rotation might settle at. Game in mid December is big difference during Non-Conf games.

Still not buying it.

Mexico City is a 2 hour plane ride.

Coach also traveled further away than Mexico for In- Season Tournaments.

He signed up to go to Hawaii but that one got moved due to Covid.

As long as they give us our home game vs KU back next season then I could care less about it being cancelled

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Maybe he NO speaking the language. Who knows. :ok_man:


That is def still TBD for sure. With 16 teams in Nov 2024 , there will only be few teams that are part of Hm/Away on the Schd.

If you just listen to the interview he did today he explained in full why he wasn’t a fan of it.

It was going to cost us a home game.

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That’s off season, get to do it only once in every four or five years (I forget), it’s all exhibition games and is a great way to develop players. It is a bit different from one game in season.

My guess, he sees it as more of a distraction than anything else. Most of those tournaments like Hawaii and such happen before conference play starts and closer to when school isn’t in session. Less of a distraction than if they did one in the middle of conference play.

However I’m disappointed it isn’t happening.

No UH Coogs in the Jumpman Invitational in 2024 OOC play.
Michigan vs Oklahoma &
UNC vs Florida

So, are we back to not being in an MTE for next season? This kind of sucks.

Who says? You’re jumping way ahead of situations.

We will be in an MTE, just not the Jumpman.

Easy, Jesse. I’m talking about currently. I’m not aware of any current MTEs that we’re scheduled to be in. I would imagine it’s also very late in the game to be added into one.

Ohh, I’m not being hard :smiley:. Just have to let it play out. There was one that Coogs were rumored to be part of where the Teams were going to be paid to participate in, but I can’t remember the specifics.

Looks like Rothstein announced we were in the Charleston classic in May of last year. SO we should know something fairly soon.