UH Coogs vs UAB Blazers

Not scared at all…… lost to anybody with a pulse…and some without including Rice.

Of course if you listen to the hack AKA Seth Davis he has Chattanooga going to the sweet 16.

I think it came down to UH and Providence for the last #4 seed……Providence now gets to play South Dakota st.

I’ll take our current matchup.


Man, if we happen to get to the sweet 16, Arizona is tough. Shoot, Illinois will be tough. Let’s take care of business first with UAB though.


The upside is if we make the Sweet 16 it’s in San Antonio.


When are game times announced?

What day?

On Friday, waiting on game time.

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Nice. I don’t have to miss the Coogs between Fort Worth Regional sessions on Thursday and Saturday


After UAB I really hope it’s Illinois…… 1) we need to help prove the Big 10 is once again overrated 2) I don’t want to hear crap like last year how we got an “easy” path.


Should we meet the Illini, this will be the fifth straight Tournament we will have met a current B1G team and fourth straight in the Round of 32.


Forget Illinois. Focus on UAB. Good pedigree in Basketball. Two early fouls on Jamal, Fabian and Carlton, and we would be theones heading home.


Yeah, I get all the old sayings about. It lookin ahead and blah, blah , blah.

And pedigree? We are not at the horse races sir.

This team lost to RICE……the Rice Owls…… if we can’t beat them , we have no business even being here.

Not scared or worried at all……just hoping it will be Illinois so we don’t have to hear crap about how we got there the easy way this year.

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A lot of noise picking UAB to beat us… the UAB coach and Jelly man are all over the sports shows.

Typical 12/5 crap……no worries

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Not worried, ready to shut them up.


I’m of the opinion that blowouts don’t make you a sharper tourney team. I think you need to be edgy straight off of Jump Street.

A couple of close wins are good for you…IMO.

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Our talk will be on the court with the ball .
Fire up Vulcan Coogs !

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Only way we lose is if they hit those 3"s and our guys get into foul trouble.

Let’s Beat UAB!

Kinda hard to miss a big 10 team….unless most don’t make it out of first round of course.