UH current #1? Rutgers 65 - Purdue 64

UH was #2 after the polls came out earlier today. Bracketology has to put UH as a current 1 seed (among top 4) when the next version come out possibly tomorrow.

I think that loss moves us to #9 on Seth Davis card


Tough day to be a Purdue fan. Get destroyed in their bowl game and then lose to Rutgers.


That 2 seed line.

Arizona, Tennessee, Alabama, UCLA.

Or margin for error a 1, is pretty slim. All those teams right behind us are really good & will put up some big wins in conference play

If we win out the week and Purdue wins their next two this week they have a good chance of staying at number 1 in the polls.

We’d probably get some number 1 votes, though.

As far as seeding projections they likely won’t fall from top four.

Incorrect. Perdue will no longer be #1 after dropping a home game to an unranked opponent.


UH lost to a ranked Alabama team. Purdue lost to an unranked Rutgers team. Voters shall decide. Rutgers may be ranked next Monday.


We will be #1… as long as we take care of business.


Seth Davis says a close win against UCF might as well be a loss… while an actual loss to Rutgers just demonstrates how rugged the Big Ten is… further justifying Purdue as #1.


Kansas has a couple of road games this week, and they’re right behind us. Could be tight.

Anyone who watched Purdue today pretty much knows Purdue isn’t a top 5 team by far, maybe not even top 10.

Whenever Rutgers tried to play defense, especially vs Edey, it was an automatic foul and 2 FTs for the Boilmakers yet they still lost at home lol. In a properly reffed game Rutgers probably wins by 25.

Meanwhile before the intentional fouls in the last 2 minutes, UCF had double the FTs despite shooting more 3s, and the game was played at Houston and not Orlando. It’s pretty sickening knowing that in the regular season only games that the refs aren’t screwing us over are the tuneup games honestly.


Purdues roster. Edey is solid. But is anyone else on their team an All Big 10 player (1st team, 2nd team, etc). No.

Smith, Loyer and Kaufman-Renn all freshmen. Pretty good players. But freshmen. By seasons end, how much gas in the tank? Inconsistency as season goes on

Newman is decent. Can hit 3s. Played okay vs Rutgers

Caleb Furst, Mason Gillis, Ethan Morton and David Jenkins, the more experienced players, dont score enough. Or maybe just cant.

So Purdues season is on Edey & freshmen shoulders (Smith & Loyer)

yeah, Purdue sucks, and when UH loses it’s always cause the officials screwed UH, lmao

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I don’t think Purdue sucks. They’ve had some close calls of recent.

I think athletically they’re not on par, with most of the Top 10 teams in the country

Maybe they peaked early…we shall see

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Purdue is a top 10 team. Everyone over reacts to one loss. UH is going to lose a game to a team worse than Rutgers at some point. It’s college basketball. Conference play is tough. Nobody is going undefeated, especially in a major conference.

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Conference play is tough, you play the team twice a year, you get to know them and their tendencies.

Of all the third and forth tier of tournament teams I really respect Rutgers. They play hard for their coach and operate as a unit. They are dangerous.

They wont pass up UH, tho if they take care of business.

Cincy is tough, tho! I can see that game being low key tough on the road.

Purdue will lose 2 or 3 more games at least. They barely got pass Nebraska.