UH didn't deserve the win

Next year every game will be competitive… but that will make it fun. No more AAC insignificant schedule.

Its early. We lost. We improved from last week in areas. I’m frustrated. I agree with most of you guys. But my heart tells me its just the way football is. You lose games.


Kansas will be no slouch.

I like a song along game every so often where I can relax and watch my team stack on the points. My 39 year old heart can’t take this down to the wire stuff every week.

UH always deserves to win. Texas always deserves to lose


Welcome to most of our upcoming games…

I’m hoping every game will be competitive. That means we’re not getting blown out

I blame this on Doug Belk. He calls the defense,. Two weeks in a row you have a 3 point lead and less than a minute to play and the defense lets the other team march down the field for a game tying field goal. You have a team on 4th and 20 in OT when you’re rushing 4. Then because it’s 4th and 20 you rush 3 and drop 8. They pick up 21.

Are there other problems? Absolutely. But two games in a row he goes into a prevent type defense. As has been said, “all a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning.”

Depends on how he recruits in the Houston area & how much we benefit from P5 affilation. The last 4/5 years of Holgorsens tenure at WVU was 7-10 win seasons with classes in the 40s. The new coach Neal Brown has recruited at a similar level and despite what WVU fans will say is doing a lot worse & they just lost to KU in year 4. It seems like we are on a upward trajectory this was just a coinflip loss on the road vs an experienced P5 team.

Blame it on the candy red helmets. :nauseated_face:. White helmets would of won it.

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Defense pitched a shut out for 19.5 mins in the 2nd half and had 3 INTs. Have to stop digging these holes…

Listening to Brando say we’ll be favored in every game from here on. I appreciate his compliment but I think we’ll struggle in conference play unless there’s some major adjustments. Everyone wants to send us a going away kick in the butt.