UH Donors and Fans Are Not Mad About The Eyes

We are just interested in Spring practice, possible transfers, QB competition and various other COUGAR topics.


This close to finding out some news.

I’m enjoying the offers that are being tracked …awful quiet so those keep my appetite for more at bay. I’ll be interested to see when the staff can start bringing recruits to campus

It’s always been like this under Holgi.

I hear that UT fans are mad about our cougar paw hand sign. They say it’s disrespectful to them because we’re giving the hook’em sign and giving them the middle finger. Because we know it’s all about them.

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I hear UT fans are mad about their nickname, Underachiever U


I know you’re joking, but i see PETA types saying the Cougar Paw has animal abuse origins where a wild animal was improperly kept in captivity resulting in its disfigurement

Yes, of course I’m joking.

If we want to talk about animal cruelty, let’s look at the history of Bevo and how he came to gain his name. You can’t say Bevo without 13 - 10. Shasta had an unfortunate accident Bevo was branded twice, once with the score and then a second time to hide the original brand. I wonder if the same PETA type are complaining about Bevo? Some people will find anything to complain about.

I am offended that Dak Prescott got 160M. What in the hell???

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I was at Fenway Park circa 2005 and a woman saw my UH hat and waved the Cougar Paw at me… She said do you know what it stands for…?

I went on about Shasta losing his finger in the cage…

She said “No… That’s not it… It means EFF UT!”

You know what… She was right!