UH Draft

So David is declaring. Was he out of eligibility?

Paul will be a high pick. Anyone else?


That hit he got on Ewers cemented me as a fan of his. Good luck in the NFL.


Fleming also declared for the NFL Draft.

Actually I think he had one more year. He was in the class of ‘19 like Paul, so if he redshirted his first year, with the Covid season he would have one more to play.

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Caesar declared and he had eligibility remaining , Fleming declared, Brian George declared . I don’t think Laine Wilkins declared for the draft but he is leaving

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I think both Freeman and Hypolite were 6th year seniors.

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Realistically I know Paul is a first or second rounder. What do you all think the chances are for the rest?

There’s still a Hula Bowl?

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I think Caesar might be a mid-round pick. Not sure that anyone else will be drafted.


Paul will be drafted guaranteed.

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Best thing that happened for a lot of them is the unification of the 2 spring leagues


Beats Lowe’s or Home Depot

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Huh??? :roll_eyes::thinking:

Can you explain pls.

I think the lad meant working for a living

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Which is exactly how I interpreted his post. Asking him to explain why Lowes or Home Depot as the only options if not being paid at Pro level to play Football. I’ll wait on his response.

I can see Paul and Ceaser getting drafted, this years draft is pretty deep. Paul will go 2nd-3rd unless a team wants him as a project in the 1st, far better OTs this yr in the draft. Ceaser will go 5-6 bc of his speed.

Unless players have Amazeballs combine numbers, everybody else UDFA.

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not what I said but nevertheless was SARCASM sport


Paul # 40 to join his brother in DC seems like a popular pick.


Doesn’t look like we have a 1st round pick based on themocks I’ve seen

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