UH Exceeds $1 Billion Fundraising Goal 18 Months Ahead of Schedule

I can guarantee you when she retires they will unveil something in her honor. Frankly, a building and a statue would be appropriate.


This isn’t even close to accurate. The data is more than a decade old. I can promise you no school ahead of us on that list has built more, invested more, and improved more than UH.
Once the med school is rolling we will be #1 on the list.


You’re going to promise that state flagships such as ASU and FSU, or blue bloods like Notre Dame or Wake Foresr or Miami haven’t kept up?

Yes HOUSTON has spent a lot of money and has advanced far But you are forgetting that other institutions are also trying to get ahead. We are happy that we raised $1 billion but the university of Miami did $1.6 billion and they are the small private school.

As I said, we are better than 104th now. But still nowhere near the top of the list.

Get back to me when the medical school has been up and running for 20 years and our research funding numbers are up accordingly.

Looking forward to a picture next to the Renu Khator statue one day.

Although the AAU is a nice organization with some pristine universities, you don’t have to be a member of a club to know you are an academic success. The AAU is merely a country club of schools that keep changing their acceptance standards to make it tougher to achieve. There are non-members that have better profiles than some members.

Each one of the 60+ schools vote on new members and accepts them by a majority vote I believe. Sometimes politics take over when a school wants a new school to join but other members do not. It was quite messy with the Nebraska situation. Of course they eventually kicked Nebraska out seemingly because of a change in standards.

As you see I am not too high on the AAU but if we become a member, great. You should also look up AAU yourself and form your own opinion.


I am not sure, maybe depends on the types of donations. Anyone have an answer for this?

Exactly right Mon. I think that “promise” is extremely weak.

So proud to be a Coog …

Here we go indeed!


Agreed. The AAU is a good ol boy network. You won’t be able to join unless you know someone or they like you or some BS. I don’t get the hoopla. It would be nice but do you really think we’d get texas’ vote?

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WE could get Rice vote, or Tulane

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Tulane - maybe; Rice? Surely, you jest! :nerd_face:


As a guy with degrees from two different longtime AAU member schools (Illinois and Case Western Reserve), I promise you, it’s all hoopla.

Law school at UH was far, FAR tougher than either of those schools, or my other two non-AAU alma maters.

That said, it’d be a nice feather to have in our hats. I hope that we do achieve it within my lifetime!

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I’m with you Majin. If there was some reason to think that the AAU would be allowing anyone else in then maybe there is reason to get excited about it and pursue it. I think it’s a waste of energy.

I disagree that it’s a waste of energy. It’s certainly a worthwhile goal.

That said, it’s not an all-consuming obsession for me.

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