UH Exceeds $1 Billion Fundraising Goal 18 Months Ahead of Schedule


Wow. Just wow!


Renu has been nothing short of a miracle for UH and the UH System.

She has taken UH from a public university with few resources into a Tier One research institution, full expansion of academic facilities, new dorms, improved academic rankings, earned UH a spot with national honors, increased student population, student/alumni pride, made all the right political and business relationships, and grad rates are improving, expanded UH’s brand across the globe and is the ULTIMATE and best PR lead for the university, its faculty, students, alumni and partners.

She is worth every penny she earns and I hope she retires a Coog. Statue and building names to follow no doubt.

Go Coogs!

EDIT: I also want to personally thank Tilman Fertitta for his role with UH and his network of relationships and influence to help move UH forward.

Thank you,
Grateful Alum, HAO Life Member


Renu and Tillman have been great for UH and the city.


Does this help with our Endowment or is that somethig different? I ask because we are just under a $ Billion there yet are ahead of, or close, to many P5 programs. Even ones with huge football programs.


This should add to the endowment.

It should escape no ones notice that the PUF has enabled two texas schools to match Ivy league endowment levels, even though the ivys have had 200 extra years to build up funds.

AND add to that the Ivy’s give free tuition to anyone who’s parents make under 150k. WHAT are we doing with texas’ money?


We give free tuition as well if your parents make less than a certain amount but im unsure of the figure. The money is being used for different things addressed in the billion dollar campaign article but im unable to post at the moment but they did lay it out.

I want to add both have been exceptional and amazing for Houston the city and University.

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Rene’s genius is that she has grown UH and still kept the original vision of the Cullen’s where UH provides a great education to the working person of the city of Houston. She is growing the main campus to be on par with UCLA while building the satellites to be of high quality but inexpensive and accessible to the working person.

We are the future.

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Renu a couple years back started a program that allows anyone whose parents make a combined income of less than 50k free tuition if they get accepted. Which is amazing considering the 2 schools i was pointing out, UT and A&M, with giant endowments thanks to the PUF, have no such plan. Go coogs.





Don’t make a statement without knowing the facts. UT offers something similar for students whose parents make $30k or less. I have no idea about aTm.

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Aggies have a program for kids that make $60K or less

This chart also doesn’t have Rice on it which just started their program last year.

Sorry Moncoog and board. That was very irresponsible of me to assume that just because I hadn’t heard of something it did not exist. I don’t like it when others do that and am guilty of the same. Apologies.


Just another crazy thing that everyone said could never be done at UH, accomplished with great leadership. Remember when people said you could never build parking garages or dorms on campus at UH? It wasn’t that long ago. Why did it take so, so long for that to happen? The myopia was total.

Now Renu asks for a billion dollars and it somehow just falls out of the couch cushions. Amazing. This woman needs a statue. The only things left to accomplish are AAU membership and P5 affiliation… we’re well on our way to the former. For the latter, she (and others, sure) have done just about all she can except put on a helmet and hit somebody.


Uhhh, no. We aren’t. The AAU hasn’t added any net new members since 1996. Four additions and four departures from that date. So there’s no evidence they are trying to grow their membership.

Further, here’s an AAU document from 2010 containing tables at page 10-12 ranking all the various schools on AAU critera. The data used was 2005-07.

UH was 104th on the list, behind dozens of other non-AAU members.

It’s fair to say we are better than 104th now, but we won’t be among the next 10 schools added to the AAU if they ever decide to expand. So it will be generations before we get a sniff from the AAU. Probably not in our lifetimes.

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Dr. Khator is quite possibly the best university chancellor/president in the United States. I am very grateful she has stayed with us.


My wish is that she is still our president when we celebrate the UH centennial.


Ok, that’s good info, thanks. Perhaps you’d agree, at least, that meeting the AAU’s most recent criteria is an achievable goal given UH’s current trajectory? If UH meets (or heck, surpasses) those criteria, I’m not so sure how much the three little letters actually matter, or to whom.

AAU is a very long term goal, but it is a goal. Maybe not in our lifetimes but if we’re building towards it, we’re doing very good things. Same with P5 or whatever that status evolves into.

This university is almost unrecognizable from when I attended in the '90s. There is life and pride back in the university, investment in infrastructure, return to tradition, etc when all these things were dying on the vine back then. I’ve often posted about how bleak things were then, because I don’t want people to forget where we are coming from and how much the leadership of Dr Khator, Tillman and many others have accomplished. This is an athletics oriented board but the leaps in academics have been just as impressive if not more.

My hope is that there is a next generation of leadership with the same creative vision to lead the university and build upon this foundation.