UH faces budget cuts, flat salaries as revenue hits rough patch


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Sounds like real challenges ahead.

I know some advocate for UH to raise
admission standards, and my desire to have fewer part time students, but the flat enrollment
thing is troubling. A quick fix with consequences is to enroll more to help with
finances, but that is detrimental to longer term goals of higher graduation rates, etc.

How is this happening?

Didn’t they just approve MORE funding?

Or are all universities destined to destroy themselves from the inside/our with the insane spending over the last few decades?

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Part of the answer is this:

Tuition hasn’t increased in several years, and the university only received a partial adjustment for inflation in its appropriations from the Texas Legislature this session, she said.

If you’re referring to $1 billion endowment, that’s earmarked for funding of research per
state of Texas to create only the 3rd public AAU institution in the state.

Not sure what part of the budget you are referencing here as insane spending.

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Nationwide we’re down 6% from 2019 enrollment levels to Fall 2023 schoolyear. So flat enrollment is actually pretty good, comparatively.

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All higher education needs a haircut. Its a big bloated beuracracy.

Data, numbers, and examples please. Where and how is higher education bloated in Texas or UH specifically ?

Have you seen all the luxury highrises going up around uh fueled by student loans?

What does high rises have to do with a bloated higher education bureaucracy at UH or Texas ?

If people can get loans, they can spend the money on what they wish. But that’s a different

I’m not tracking how student loans, which may be spent on high rise apartments or condo living expenses , has something to do with a higher education bloated bureaucracy that needs a “haircut. Please explain ?

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To much cheap govt loans

Are they luxury? Are they appreciably more expensive than other housing options for students?

I don’t know the answer, but I’m guessing you don’t either.

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Great, if you want to switch the topic to student
loans and the politics of all that.

But this was a thread on shortfall in revenue at
our school due to a number of factors. Nothing
to do with how we make student loans available or terms of them. Sounds like you
are advocating limits on student loans which
would result in fewer students and make UH
revenue situation even worse.

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They aren’t luxury…believe me

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He can’t explain as that would require actual thought rather than empty talking points.