UH faculty ranks #1 among Big 12 Schools

Even ahead of five B1G schools.





23 schools Infront of us. I want to go higher!!


Love the chart posted by @TJAltimore, a USC grad.

Washington Monthly ranks on “faculty accolades, which includes things like major awards and memberships in the national academies”.

The AAU divides indicators used in assessments of current and potential new members into two phases. Phase I indicators are used as the primary indicators.
They are:

1. Competitively funded federal research support
2. Membership in the National Academies (NAS, NAE, IOM)
3. Faculty awards, fellowships, and memberships
4. Citations

“faculty accolades” include Indicators 2 and 3. These indicators cannot be manipulated. UH’s posts its members on it’s Web site, visible to all.

UH has more than 3 times Kansas’s National Academy members and more than twice ISU’s. Finally, a ranking that justly shows UH’s academics.

UH leads the Big-12 in two of the AAU’s primary indicators. UH’s research and citations will rise rapidly, particularly as the medical school matures.

See: https://www.aau.edu/who-we-are/membership-policy for AAU Indicators.


This chart was purely on the faculty ranking, not the overall ranking.

And in faculty ranking, take a look.

Johns Hopkins is close to Top Ten.

Utah State isn’t even on the chart.

If only we had Rice in the conference…

We just need more of them as far as UH goes. Hopefully the new infusion of money to the endowment from the state can help hire more outstanding faculty members!

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TCU and Baylor dragging the conference down… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

They really are, we just haven’t discovered, yet how. :crazy_face:

UH Bauer grad school hit its best ranking yet: 63


This year’s USNEWS law school rankings have been delayed. Not sure when they’ll be released.

Ryon, if you don’t care about Big Law, do rankings matter much? Can a top 100 program JD grad who is smart, savvy person be successful?


Even a law grad from a rock bottom school can still be successful.

The practice of law is often quite different from legal academia.

But yeah, rankings matter more for first jobs at large law firms. That, and class rank.

After that, it’s more up to the individual.


Same in Accounting. Similar in Corporate Finance, within (Fortune 500) Companies, but Investment Banking/Venture Capital/Private Equity require the unicorn degrees or a network connection (they’re the Big Law equivalent).

CK does a review of the top dogs in public companies.

Crist|Kolder Volatility Index for Public Companies

  • Undergrad: CEOs at very large are typically Ivy and CFOs are from public schools

  • Grad: CEOs are mostly from Harvard and CFOs mostly from UChicago

It doesn’t show that 3 UH MBAs are in the F500 CEO role. 1 was a former CFO.


Years ago I had a friend who was a top engineer with Pennzoil. I asked him if he was headed for the “other tower (the executive wing).” He said no because he’d not gone to an Ivy League school, didn’t live in the “right” neighborhood, wasn’t a member of the “right” club, and his wife wasn’t a member of the “right” sorority. He retired still one of their top engineers.

Corporate O&G is notoriously snobby. If you look at many of the top level business (non-engineering and science) people, it is filled with Ivy and Public Ivies (UT, Michigan, Purdue, TAMU, etc.).

The law departments at these places are even more so. Exxon probably has as many Harvard Law grads as Vinson and Elkins.


Not sure about Exxon, but I know that Shell has a number of UH Law grads in its Houston office.


Exxon only hired BSEE with a 3.5 or higher when I was graduating… And I only recall the valedictorian and salutatorian of my class taking control engineering positions there…

I went with my interest into electronics/hardware engineering and it has worked out well for me.

Shell is definitely less snobby than EM, but also doesn’t pay as well. Years ago I interviewed at EM. There are some UH Law grads there (several Iowa law grads as well). However, the majority of those in charge had some top level credentials (i.e., Ivy, Public Ivy, elite STEM undergrad). So, a UH Law grad with an undergrad from Rice, or a UH undergrad who went to Harvard or UT Law. I did not come across any double Coogs in the Tax Department (although I am sure there are some at EM somewhere)

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