UH football may face record number of ranked opponents


Well too bad we just don’t have our guano together this year.

Missing on a great opportunity sucks. Regardless of the circumstances.

Yeah it does, however it bodes well for the conference… ridiculous we are not in the P5+1. Still don’t see how it’s not anti-trust and anti-competitive keeping conferences out.


Too bad we couldn’t join the party this year but we should be popping champagne bottles in a year or so. It will be icing on the cake if the conference has a great showing in the bowls to follow up the successful regular season.


The Conference is doing great, and CDH and our Administration are positioning for a P5 bid. It is very important to be great next year.
I have faith…


Consistently very good is the key.

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I am sorry but key to what? A cartel by definition only does what it wants. We are not part of the cartel. When we will only then can we get to the top.


THAT IS WHY … I would like to keep Tune out of the UCF game this Saturday …

The knights are NOT SANTA CLAUS and defensively will NOT show any mercy to Tune just because he is still gimpy and not operating on all cylinders …

We have an outside MIRACLE chance to still make it to a bowl game with him healthy … against Memphis and Navy here and Tulsa there …

It may NOT be the best of bowls but it would keep us in the national spotlight even if it is a bottom of totem pole bowl …

I wasn’t talking about the CFP. Was talking about chance to join a cartel conference. Takes more than one great year every five.

If the current trend, of ESPN losing subscribers, continues the P5 conferences TV paydays may not be as high as they are now. The AAC is locked in until 2031, so that isn’t a problem. I am happy with our current conference competition and have no problem staying with it.