UH football: Rating the 2017 schedule

I would swap Navy and Texas Tech. Navy is 14-2 in AAC regular season games…if you want to win the West, you have to beat Navy. I know Texas Tech brings the P5 brand to the P6 stadium and is of more interest locally but pure football-wise I think he has these two wrong.

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I don’t know. I think it depends on how he’s ranking these games. Is it by order of importance, or by toughest opponent? Or maybe most exciting from a fan stanpoint? It’s not clear from the article. I think there’s a big distinction here between the avid UH fan and the casual college football fan. The avid UH fan knows the Navy game is infinitely more important than the Tech game (and the Arizona game for that matter). But from a casual obvserver standpoint (most casual fans love to see offense), the Tech game is going to involve a whole lot of offense and therefore be more exciting.

But, for what it’s worth, I would have Navy higher than Tech and Zona because I’m an avid UH fan and I want to see a conference championship and NY6 game again.

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Don’t disagree with your comments and the only ways the Navy atmosphere is better than the Texas Tech game would be terrible weather for the Tech game and/or UH is undefeated going into the Navy game.