UH Game Parking Garage

I have parking garage passes for this season. Does anyone have experience getting into/out of the parking garage on game day? Is it much easier than other parking, or more of a nightmare? Do you have recommendations on the approach to enter? Are the parking spots conducive to an F250, or should I take the wife’s car?

Unless you are carrying tailgating equipment, I recommend taking the car. The garage is plenty big enough for the F250 but getting in and out with a car is much easier.

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Getting out of the garage depends on the game. For Lamar, I do not expect a problem since I hope it will not be a close game at the end. Plus, some will hang out for tailgating. For night games like UConn, Louisville, etc., expect a delay in getting out of the garage. The extreme was last year’s Memphis game: I spent about 45 minutes on the roof of the garage without moving…fortunately UH won the game so I was able to hear the entire post game.

It’s a great location near the stadium but obviously takes longer to get out than a surface lot.

Since Herman and the Athletics Dept are encouraging everyone to pack TDECU, I trust they are investing in the traffic control personnel to handle the cars and pedestrians that will be showing up for game day each home game.

If you hang around for a bit after the game you will be OK. The alternative is parking far away and taking a walk and still being in traffic.

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