UH great David Rose retires as BYU coach

Just saw on Twitter.

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Akways wanted him to coach here. Wish him the best, he deserves it!

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Here it comes… Thamel: Sampson to BYU.


Did he retire or step down?

Officially, retired.


The word “Retirement” is a term of art used by organizations with a pension plan.

Other than that, retirement means nothing at all if you are young at heart and energetic.

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The 61-year-old coach, who retired in April after 22 years at BYU and 14 as men’s basketball head coach, suffered a heart attack early Tuesday morning and was rushed to the hospital, his wife said.

“The doctors used words like ‘severe,’ ‘major’ and ‘widow-maker’ but they went to work and gave us more time together,” Cheryl Rose wrote on Instagram. “We are overwhelmed by the love and support from so many. And most of all your prayers! Grateful for some incredible guys that stopped by to cheer us up, but most of all I’m grateful for my guy! He’s the best and I’m so glad he’s still here.”


Gosh. So sorry to hear that!

We’ll all pray for a full recovery!


Or with the way layoffs happen today, it is hard to work somewhere for 30 plus years and have a “true retirement”.

Second that.