UH Has Triple Threats At Wide Receiver


Man, I hope all three return next year along with King (and Briles). Could be a special year.

Even still, the depth at WR on this team is strong and the speed is back. Should make for many fun seasons ahead watching them torch opposing defenses.


Stevenson was certainly worth the wait. Soild group of receivers! must have Stevenson back next year and think we will. Ayers and Greenbury both hurt themselves coming out too soon.


I think all 3 of those guys still have a lot to prove. Both Ayers and Greenbury didn’t like the uncertainty of another coach coming in, so although I didn’t agree with their decisions, I understood it. I don’t think Briles or CMA are going anywhere after this year. These guys have an opportunity to greatly improve their stock by staying another year. Just hope they aren’t getting bad advice from family members.


Where would they go? Stevenson has NFL speed I think but this is his first year playing D1 ball, really. Corbin drops too many balls, he needs another year to prove he can catch reliably. Lark has drops too, not as bad as Corbin. I don’t think they will transfer if CKB leaves, which I hope he doesn’t.

I was thinking Stevenson might think about the NFL. You’re correct in that he may stay because this is his 1st full year, but you never know. If someone gives him a good draft grade, he may look at the injuries he got in the past and decide to move on.

I don’t think Corbin or Lark would leave for the same reason you stated.

Just realizing tonight that We have two Singletons, Raelon and Jeremy but Raelon is a senior and Jeremy is a RS Freshman.

How much of the “Singleton” success does each have? I mean, is Jeremy looking fantastic or am I mixing Raelon’s success in there?