UH Helmet on ESPNEWS Rusillo & Kanell

…at work and don’t have the audio…ugh!

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Here is a screenshot of it:

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Did you hear the convo? If so, can you summarize? Thx!

I was only able to listen to a little bit, were not talking about UH when I was listening.

Looks like helmets from Stanford, Miami and what’s the blue one, Boise?

Looks like the Virginia Cavaliers.

NC state helmet., Miami helmet… Coogs to ACC.

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The helmet was on the set again for today’s show. Nice to be included along side some of the blue bloods of college football.


I’m actually starting to get used to all the love UH gets from national as well as local media. Kinda takes me back to the Yeoman era. Some folks might not have liked UH but the respected the heck out of Bill Yeoman and we got a lot of pub off of that, especially since the Veer became the most copied offense in college football. The beat goes on!

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Coogs to Big 10 announcement Monday!!!

Yesterday, the guys on R&K read a tweet from CTH. He thanked them for repping the UH. They asked him on air to take some time to call in because there were some things they wanted to talk about. Today, CTH called in and there were some expansion questions. Coach said the AAC is best non P5 conference and is focused on winning the conference again. Downplayed the importance of the OU game because winning the AAC is the goal. CTH said any expansion talk was above his pay grade. CTH commented that last year he could run through the Galleria in a Speedo and no one would recognize him, but today he and his family can’t go out to dinner without giving autographs. As always, ended with a “Go Coogs!” It was a light-hearted discussion and pretty funny.

Link to interview

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