UH is cursed with injuries

Shooting two FTs and barely hitting the rim once is inexcusable.


Losing TArc and Tuggler reduced our margin of error but was managaeble

Losing a literal first team all-american on the top of the above broke the camels back unfortunately


With Arceneaux, Tuggler, and everyone healthy I have no doubt this was a Final 4 team. Injuries derail many a season for teams, and we’ve been unlucky lately. Nevertheless, having had some time to digest the end of the road, I’m very proud of the determination this team showed this season. We won the Big 12 in our first year, won 32 games, and made yet another Sweet 16 appearance. The Coogs battled all the way and while it’s easy to think about what might have been, what we did accomplish was quite good.


Which injury specifically?

Probably all the injuries we have had in the team the last few years, with exception to Shead’s last night which was clearly incidental.

No idea what you are talking about.

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just shead and we are final 4 team… the others would have just been a bonus

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“Probably”? You need to be more specific.

At this point, we are owed a 2015-2019 Golden State Warriors style dynasty run by the Basketball Gods.


The only way to guarantee no injuries is to not play or practice.
The only way to guarantee winning is to play and practice hard.


1 national championship for UH before CKS retires would do, more is gravy.


By many metrics he’s the 3rd best/most impactful player in college. No overcoming that.


Not just the way we play, but the workload too. We’re not a very deep team even when healthy and Shead always has huge minutes. Played the entire game recently. Injuries are inevitable

He brought in scrapy players to win w defense and rebounding. Which works to a point. But u cant win a championship with such a lousy offense and bad free throws.

He needs players than can consistently score and play some d. The current roster has no offensive power on a consistent basis.

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So these guys are just “scrappy players”?

His first three years we went 13-19 and followed it up with two NIT appearances.

The last two teams have been ranked NUMBER ONE in the nation for parts of the last two seasons and been number one seeds.

These are not scrappy worker bees that try hard.
These are high 3 and 4 star players.

Injuries and bad luck are the recent issues….not whatever kind of non-sense you said.


No offensive power on a consistent basis but somehow we’re Top 20 in O on KenPom. The math ain’t mathing.


The proof is in the pudding. They lose to any team in the tournament that can manage their defense.

UH defense is elite but manage that and make em make shots and its pretty much a W against us.

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So Duke managed our defense by scoring 26 points less than their season average?


They got the W so yes dummy. UH defense is elite but thats it.

A pre NIL coach K Duke teams runs over us likely.


You’re calling someone a “dummy”!?

Everything you have said is complete garbage….you haves proved yourself worthy of that bottom level of posters we have here on Coogfans.

It’s the “I don’t know what the he// I’m talking about” level.